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acting audition confidence relaxation self taping Apr 16, 2019

Easy Relaxation-for-actors...

Lee Strasberg, the legendary acting coach who is often referred to as 'the father of method acting', described tension as the “occupational disease of the actor and one of the main factors for holding a performance back.

How to change that?

If you've ever sat in front of the TV and not noticed time pass, or ever got out of an elevator on the wrong floor, or driven past a turning you know like the back of your hand, you have been in a state of deep relaxation.

You just didn't notice.

So how can we use this for actors looking to book more acting work and to be confident in acting auditions? Whether it's your first acting audition or you're looking to learn how to prepare for an acting audition or self tape - there are fact...

It's almost hypnotic...

Now as you read this, your eyes moving across the words, you may become aware of certain sensations in your can feel your heart beating if you focus inward...and notice the in and out movements of your breath...

...and you can notice that you can slow down that breath... as you take a moment or two to focus on your breathing...noticing how gently your breath goes in and your eyes rest on each word...noticing nothing, taking it all in...with each breath that you take...

See how easy it is to do...It's easy to just relax and let go when you know how. A very simple Relaxation-For-Actors exercise which really helps build confidence in your acting auditions  - a real self taping secret.

Easy Relaxation-For-Actors

Before you begin, tell yourself in a very comforting voice, remember how important tone is...that you are just going to relax for five minutes and you will come back refreshed, relaxed and ready for what's next.

First read these words so that you understand how it works and then you can go ahead and do it for yourself.

Find a good place to sit and adjust yourself for maximum comfort. Squiggle about till it's "just right..."

Go through your body relaxing every single piece of you. Start with the top of your head and finish with your lovely toes.

As you focus on each area of the body, tell yourself to relax the muscles of that area, noticing any tension and then softly breathing into that area, saying, “...I'm relaxing the muscles of my [legs etc...]....”
Start by reading this through and then notice how it feels. First start to breathe gently in and out and begin to read.

Personal Recording Session - Portability Personified

You can record this on to your smart phone and play it back on the subway, tube, metro or Dart...wherever you are in the world...Really encourage yourself with the words, "That's right.." Say them in a very soothing tone...feel the words...imagine the relaxation happening right now...


"...As you sit there hearing these words, you can become aware of your and out...that's can notice how your body moves as you breathe in and out...and now you can place your attention on your head, your lovely head, and just start to slowly relax the muscles of the top of your head...and as you feel the relaxation spreading down to your forehead, you can allow the muscles of your forehead to simply relax...gently letting go of any tension...and as you do so you can begin to notice how your ears can just relax...and go quiet while the little muscles around your eyes begin to let go and relax...

...slowly spreading gentle relaxation into your cheeks and jaw, as you simply relax the muscles of your jaw, dropping it gently as you continue to breathe in and out... that's right...and as your jaw muscles slowly let go, your tongue can begin to just hang loose, as you breathe in and out...and then the relaxation spreads through your neck, noticing any areas of tension, slowly noticing the muscles of your neck relax and loosen up as you feel the tension dropping and your shoulders just relax...that's right...

...and feel any tension moving out of your your arms relax...and notice how your forearms just begin to relax as your hands loosen and let go...and as you continue to relax your body, noticing how your hips and thighs just relax and let go, and the muscles of the shin and calves soften and relax...that's your feet sink gently into the earth, feeling them on the ground, relaxing slowly as your whole body just relaxes even more...

...and the more you begin to relax, the more your breath goes gently round your body filling you with relaxing energy...that's right...bubbling energetically now... to the beat of your own heart...spreading gentle soothing relaxation through every part of your body...and you can just let go...knowing the next time you do this you can go even deeper, even faster...that's right...."

The Actors Meditation Minutes

This kind of Relaxation For Actors is great for reducing stress or to have a quick few minutes meditation and boosts confidence before any acting audition or self tape. It serves as a natural audition anxiety treatment.

Take 5

Take five minutes a day to do this and notice how much more relaxed you feel.. because the more you relax, the more relaxed you are about life and the more relaxed you are about life the more relaxed you will feel before an audition or self tape or a meeting with an agent - get the idea?

Want to go even deeper, then this will send you on a blissful internal holiday, when you need a deeply refreshing break I love this one.

And that's all there is to a simple and easy Relaxation-For-Actors to boost self confidence in acting auditions stage performance anxiety and self taping.


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