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I'm Nick Dunning. I'm a holistic acting coach trusted since 2012 by over 3456 very happy actors!   

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I've been a series regular seven times now, with over 90 credits to my name.  And I love helping actors! ❤️

 I can lend a hand with things like:

  • Rejection and Self-Doubt: Audition rejections can really hit us hard and make us doubt ourselves. But don't worry, we can clear that up super quick!
  • Performance Anxiety: Stage fright and anxiety are totally normal for actors. Believe me, I've been there too! And as you climb higher up the ladder, it can get even worse. But guess what? I guarantee that we can eliminate any fear in our very first session. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes!

Let's conquer this together, shall we? What about...

  • Vulnerability and Exposure: This business can be emotionally exhausting sometimes, right? I mean, who doesn't need a proper work-life balance? Balancing our mind body connection is just so good for us, don't you think?

  • Balancing Personal and Professional Identity: Sometimes, we create this whole confusion about our self-worth and identity outside of acting. And let's be honest, feeling valuable as a human being is pretty important.😇
  • Isolation can be tough. Irregular schedules and long hours on set often mean being away from loved ones. I've been there, and I know how it feels. But hey, I can help you overcome this easily and quickly!

  • Let's talk about scrutiny and criticism. Being in the public eye these days can be rough, right? Dealing with judgment and "other peoples opinions" can be a challenge. 
  • Feeling the Pressure? Excelling in your career can sometimes bring stress, anxiety, and a feeling of pressure. But hey, it can also lead to an exciting and thrilling life. It's all about making clear-cut choices that empower you, right?

  • tbh I'm curious... what caught your attention as you were reading this?
  •  Would you like to chat about it?  
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Clare Dunne

"..this just sort of re-calibrated me, reminded me that I actually enjoy my job and made me enjoy self taping again and auditioning and stuff... So that means, it must work, it's also just really quick, and just like, straightforward, so if you're having any trouble I would...give it a go.  thanks Nick"

Clare well known to audiences as Mob Boss Amanda Kinsella in KIN, will next be seen on screen in Herself, written by and starring Clare  Herself premiered at Sundance Film Festival this year, and received rave reviews. 

Lauren Fiala

...I was expecting it to take a long time but, short time later..this block that had been plaguing me for years was like...poof ! - gone. He just...I don't know what he does but he adds his magic and - it goes. like gone. You then start to dream a hell of a lot bigger....

Ben Mars

"There's a lot of stuff out there for actors that seems to be a bit "Instantly Magical!!" Do you know what I mean...?

What I love about Nicks stuff is it feels...Magical...but it's rooted in practicality....the feedback is caring and supportive..I used to think if I didn't get a job I must be a bad that changed. And now I'm tooled up with what to do about it. 

Landed Ted Lasso!

A few of the many other things actors have contacted me about...

Which ONE do you relate to?

  • Dealing with discrimination in the industry because of gender, race, sexuality, neurological diversity, or background.
  • Struggling with that nerve-wracking stage fright moments before a crucial live performance.
  • And then, out of the blue, an unexpected personal loss that takes a toll on emotional well-being and focus.


  • Dealing with a toxic on-set environment and challenging co-stars can be quite a journey.
  • We all face creative blocks and moments of feeling disconnected from our craft.
  • And let's not forget the incredible juggling act of balancing a demanding acting career with the responsibilities of being a single parent.  💪🎭👩‍👧


  • Struggling with an undisclosed mental health issue in a high-pressure environment.
  • Balancing the need for artistic authenticity with chasing commercial success, finding that sweet spot where passion meets profit! 💫✨
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Care to lean in and read the small print...?

Dennis Dannel

Two major wins in one week!

  • Casting Director workshop casting!
  • Supporting role in a feature film!

And to think, a year ago, I had so much anxiety..., crippling anxiety!

Thank you, Nick, for helping me to find my way to my best self!!!

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I was struggling with staying positive, having faith in my work and the future of my career, and a lot of unconscious habits that got in the way of my potential...

I got very very busy working with Nick, with offers of work and auditions.

I am much more Faith Full - I have eliminated the fear of success and fear of failure that debilitated me...I have become much more caring towards my self tapes. I now send in auditions and tapes I am genuinely proud of. 

Daphne Alexander

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