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Clare Dunne

"Hi there my name is Clare Dunne...I had a coaching session with Nick a few weeks ago and I found it really really helpful. It just sort of re-calibrated me, reminded me that I actually enjoy my job and made me enjoy my self taping again and auditioning and stuff...and since then I've gotten a short film and a bit on a feature... So that means, the coaching must work, it's also just really quick, and just like, straightforward, so if you're any having any trouble I would...give it a go. So thank you Nick"

Clare will next be seen on screen in Herself, written by and starring Clare – Herself premiered at Sundance Film Festival this year, and received rave reviews. Clare was last seen on stage in her one woman show Sure Look It, Fuck It at the Project Arts Centre. Dublin.

Great article in Deadline - Hollywood about her Sundance success


Lochlann O'Mearain

"Hi Nick,

Just a quick note to say thank you and keep it up as it works, I will explain.

January in a time of very little work and I must say probably lacking confidence I went through the T.A.M. (Total Audition Magician) manual and followed all the exercises . Now September, I began leafing through my diary until I came across the Precise End Step and could hardly believe it.

It read....

I see myself at the airport long term parking, sitting into my Saab with full leather trim, checking my messages from my new London agent, a pile of scripts sides and call sheets in my bag, e-mail from wardrobe on my next TV show looking for sizes, racing back to make a studio on Baggot St in time for my VO, all after having wrapped on another TV show.

Well, currently I am in London working with James Nesbitt on Lucky Man for SKY Atlantic, my blue Saab with leather trim was delivered last Saturday, I have an offer from a respectable Boutique agency on Warwick St, I am needed for the new campaign of radio ads for Nissan when I get back and I am meeting Debbie McWilliams (casting) on Tuesday for a series regular on a Cable TV show . and yes my bag is stuffed with call sheets, sides and highlighted scripts.
So thanks Nick,

Time to write a new and Precise End Step ..
Stay great



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Ben Mars



Karen Connell

Speaking to us from Oz!. Got her first self tape result. A part in Vikings! The sound is a bit muffly but she is so excited - it's infectious!


Aidan McArdle

Richard 111, (Title Role) Royal Shakespeare Company, Mr Selfridge BBCTV

Katie Sheridan

Genie In The House (Nickleodeon) Doctors BBCTV, Match Not Found (You Tube > 2 Million Hits)

Melanie Gray

13 Steps Down, Jonathan Creek, The Aliens

Dennis Dannel

Two major wins in the audition room in one week: one in a Casting Director workshop and one for a feature film! And to think, a year ago, I had so much anxiety..., crippling anxiety! Thank you, Nick, for helping me to find my way to my best self, both in and out of the audition room!!! Btw, If you're on the fence about a private coaching, stop wasting time; I bought the 7-pack--best money I spent all year. Thanks for reading!

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Sophie Robinson

Rebellion RTE BBCTV, Taking The boat, Honey - Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf, Gate Theatre, Dublin

Suzie Houlihan

" Hi Nick

I hope you are well and had a nice holiday. I got the new commercial agent I auditioned with, I've never felt so confident about going in to a meeting in my life.

It was like every little thing was made for me. The commercial script I had to learn before I went in, I'd already auditioned for something similar so not only was I spot on with it, but I could also impress the agent with the fact I'd auditioned for it in real life.

I also had recently worked twice with one of her other clients and the meeting just flowed like a natural conversation. This week I've also been super busy with modelling and voice over work. I've also started with a new writers group. The aim of this is to create our own You Tube channel showcasing our talent and go "to infinity and beyond"

Thank you for all your help and encouragement. I can't wait for the next coaching session.

Kind regards

Suzie "

Helen Millar

Houdini and Doyle, The Fall Of The Krays, Hamlet (Title Role) Dubrovnik

Andie McCaffrey Byrne

South, Love Hate RTE BBCTV, A Day Like Today

Conor Lambert

Love and Friendship, Intermission, The Tudors (Showtime)

Dominic Moore

Pozzo Waiting For Godot, Dublin, RTE Hubble, One man show Mr Punch

Lesa Thurman Russell

Quirke RTE BBCTV, Cant Pay Wont Pay RTE, The Secret Scripture

Maria Tecce


Elizabeth Moynihan


Gerry Cannon


Fiona Hurd


Andrew Lummis


Conor Marren


Luke Collins



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