Acting should be heartfelt, exciting, financially rewarding and fun 🥳


...Let's fling open the doors so you can discover ALL of that for yourself with my One on One private coaching or as a member of my group programme ACTivate 2022.

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I'm curious...What kind of actor AM I?

Being an actor is a struggle, isn't it?

Especially when you're not working, right? 

One day you're filled with self confidence the next you're riddled with self doubt. 

You dream of winning an Oscar but you always play small

You know you should be marketing yourself but you hate self promotion


When you know how to BALANCE all this your career (and your life) will storm into action...

 I'm so glad you're here!

When we erase your limiting beliefs, de-clutter your mind of negative self talk and magnify your Personal Power...

THAT is when you start to fly


Then you are in flow❤️


So, what kind of coaching is right for you?

One on One or Group coaching?

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3 ways we can work together...

Group Coaching

My heart centred 8 week group experience

We re-write your old stories that kept you playing small. We change the way your mind sees EVERYthing so that you recognise your true gifts

Each week we make a self tape. By the end of this life changing event you will have a mastery of self taping and a unique showreel Plus you will meet an extraordinary group of people!

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One on One Coaching

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The Action Club

All your friends are going to finally want to hang out with you, because this club is awesome.

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 Want a great starting point?

Imagine being surrounded by hundreds of actors who are doing the same thing as you and sharing every win. How much faster do you think you’ll grow?

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“Nick's class was incredible. I was never very good at self taping, but now I feel calm, confident and capable. I actually enjoy it!”


Katie Sheridan

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