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Hey there! ūüĆü So, as an actor myself (and¬†truly honoured to be one), I'm here to make suggestions that can help you on your acting journey.¬†

I've helped more than 3.5k professional actors massively transform their careers. So...

If you're an actor, I've been right there with you, so let's...

Turn the acting career you have

Into the acting career you want

Here are a few suggestions for you

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tools & resources

I started my coaching practice to give actors like you access to everything I wish I’d had when I first started, and I'm committed to offering as much for free as I possibly can

The Intelligent Actor

(was ‚ā¨197) - is now absolutely FREE - how¬†intelligent¬†is that?

It's my triple whammy self-tape training system that helps actors land auditions and book more roles lightning fast!

With this, you'll have all the tools to create awesome self-tapes, score more auditions, and develop massive resilience.

So why not check out The Intelligent Actor and take your acting career to the next level today? ūüé©ūüíéūü™Ą

Yes, that's smart!

I'm not just an 8 X series regular (The Tudors, Da Vinci's Demons, Hatfields and McCoys)  I'm also a holistic acting coach


Whether you're just starting out or you've been in the business for years, my approach to learning and professional growth will give you the skills you need to shine brighter on any stage or any screen large or small

With me as your guide, you'll feel confident in your ability to make powerful choices so you can give even more powerful performances on stage or on screen

So how do we do that?

Great question - Well, I'm also a certified NLP Master Practitioner and certified Master Hypnotherapist which gives me the technical skills I need to deliver rapid and effective change for you - Quickly and easily

 Basically, I'm here to help you unleash that amazing feeling of unstoppable confidence and fearlessness all A-List actors have...
So you can tap into your own A-list actor within. Which you know is inside you already don't you?


So, where do you start...?

These free classes are a fantastic choice if you're not ready to jump into a full-blown transformational training programme just yet...


You can join any individual class by clicking "Take The Class"

and gain valuable insights along the way.

 Using Your Brain For A Change

An introduction to NLP for Actors  

This free video training is designed to give you a better understanding of NLP so you can make powerful changes in your own career.

We explore how to use visualisations to create success on stage or screen as well as techniques to generate more confidence.

How cool is that?

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Acting Is Mental : The Affirmations

These affirmations  give your mind a well-deserved break. They create awesome imagery deep inside your mind and body while you sleep.

And you know what? They gradually build and build until they become your reality!

This free training will delight you with:

‚ÄĘ Powerful positive affirmations.

‚ÄĘ Techniques¬†to reach your goals faster.

‚ÄĘ Tips to ensure affirmations advance your career goals.

Take the class

Your Focal Point

Check out these awesome FREE resources for your acting career:

  • a whole season of videos covering confidence, showreels, headshots, emails, agents, focus, and creativity. ūüé•
  • Need help planning your career? The Ultimate Career Planner has got you covered, making success a breeze. ‚úÖ
  • Join the Screen Acting Crash Course with over 2023 actors who have experienced this powerful NLP based mindset visualisation training.¬†


  • Plus, don't miss the Deep Dive success meditation in mp3 format you can take with you...

And there's way more where that came from!ūüĒ•ūüé©ūüźáūüíé. ūüėé. ‚úÖ¬†ūüĎ鬆‚ö°ÔłŹ

Get To The Point!

Nice to meet you!

Whether you're a seasoned professional looking for new challenges or just starting out in the acting world, I'd be thrilled to join you on this journey.

Discover¬†the secrets to captivating performances, conquering all those niggling fears and annoying self doubts and let the world¬†finally see¬†the star you have inside.ūüĆü

You're just one click away! You ready?


Any questions, scroll to the top of the page and hit chat to Nick


See you on set!

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