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Acting Tips: Understanding Film Set Jargon 2023 acting audition audition blog film industry slang film lingo film set film set jargon film set lingo film set safety tips film set terminology film set terms film slang film terms on set set film Feb 15, 2023

Acting Tips: Understanding Film Set Jargon 2023

First Things First : Always Stay Alert On Set

Keep your eyes peeled. There is a lot of heavy and dangerous equipment on a film set. It is your...

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Peak Performance For Actors blog Dec 20, 2015

Updated blog about Nick Dunning and his work as an actor

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This is the beginning of something startling... blog Nov 15, 2015

Casting Director Advice

21 Things That Make Casting Directors Happy
in the Audition Room


“Casting directors are your advocates and your champions. Your work reflects on...

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