Physiology for actors

body Apr 14, 2017

Physiology for Actors

Most days, I go for a long walk in the hills near where I live, I take the dogs and enjoy the scenery of the Wicklow Hills.

As I look around the quiet of the trees and breathe in the cool, clean air, the combination of nature and the movements in my body seem to have a very positive influence on my state of mind, so I have become very aware of the relationship between the two.


Get Your Career Moving By Getting Your Body Moving...

Do something you enjoy that involves moving your body – walking, jogging, swimming, Pilates (My favourite), Yoga – just allow yourself to get your body moving. If you don’t know what you like, find out. Make sure it’s something you love and can do regularly. We are not talking hours of marathon running, just a daily practice of some kind of physicality.

Mind and Body are 1 system

You’ll be stunned at the mental and emotional benefits of activating your physiology for actors through movement.

Change Your Physiology – Change Your State

Have you ever noticed that when you think about being stressed out you become stressed out?

Guess what...It works the other way, too. Adopt a calm and easy physiology and your mind will follow.


Adopt the physiology you reveal when you are in a powerful connected state – Whatever you call it, The zone, The Flow, Inspired Creativity - do an acting exercise...Change your posture, your gesture, move your head position, change the breathing rate, your muscle tension...and notice the changes...

Adopting the postures and habits of a top performer at the top level will fire up your own high-performance states and give you the correct physiology for actors.


Mind and body are one system. Physiology has a huge impact on your emotional state and your performance, so…

1) Move more...Make sure it’s something you love and can do regularly. Even 10 minutes a day is a good start, lengthen when you start to feel great, and you will.

2) Change your physiology and enter a powerful connected state.

Then go audition! Or self tape!

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