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1. Choose a situation in your life as an actor where you feel out of control -not because you don't have the knowledge or the skills, but because your emotions get the better of you. One example might be fear of auditions or fear of meeting producers - whatever gets in the way...up to you.

2. Understand at this point that this is simply an attitude that is stopping you from doing what you know you should do, so decide as vividly as possible what you will be doing when you are back on track. Choose a specific example of this behavior - one that you can immediately test.

3. Sit comfortably, then float out, imagining yourself sitting a little behind and up from your physical body. In your mind's eye, see the back of your head, the width of your shoulders. See what your clothes look like from this point of view. Make this picture as fully dimensional as possible.

4. Now, imagine that you see yourself starting to stand up, and, as that happens, actually stand, so you are in precisely the same position as your imagined image.

5. Repeat this thought and action several times, making it faster each time, until you feel yourself being pulled to your feet by the vividness of the image.

6. Imagine you are standing a little behind and up from an image of yourself about to start the activity you identified in Step 2. Ensure that it is in the same position and has the same quantities as the standing exercise.

7. Run the activity from start to finish several times. Do this faster and faster, stepping into the image each time, until you feel the same 'pull' as before.

8. Test by starting the activity and following it all the way through at least three times. Then sit down quietly for a few moments and imagine how your life will be different and better as this new skill generalizes out into other, equally useful and appropriate areas of your acting life.


This is adapted from an exercise by Richard Bandler from...”Get The Life You Want”. Buy the book here - it’s extremely good.


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