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How to create magic in an audition or on a self tape

audition self taping Jun 04, 2017

Being open to the moment can be hard when you're actually inside an audition can't it?

WE all know that being open to something new is thrilling isnt it?

And when an audience SEES you experiencing it that is true story telling.

So how do you do it? How do you create the right situations for that to happen for you?

By not preparing too much.

Leave a few moments open for genuine insight and surprise.


Step ONE - Prepare for the role in the best way you know how - Off book, lines down, you get the scene and how to reveal the transitions - you got your opening moment and the button to the scene.

Step TWO - Leave a gap for something new. ALLOW this to be the first time this scenario has EVER happened to you.

Step THREE - When inside the room and inside the audition - allow a thought to hit you for the very first time - allow it it be real inspiration.

Step FOUR - Register the surprise of that new thought as if you had never experienced or expected it before.

Step FIVE - Connect this moment to the essence of the character.

Great but what does that even look like?

Ever seen E.T?

Check out this audition by young Henry Thomas.

Look at how EVERY single milli-second is happening to him - in front of your very eyes.


How can you use this to assist you in your next audition or self tape?

Let us know how YOU get into that space where everything flows and yet there is still room for something NEW...

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