The Feel Good Factor for Actors

depressed emotions feel good feelings Mar 06, 2019

The Feel Good Factor for Actors

Try this...

The Feel Good Factor - And How To Create It - fast - a downloadable pdf for you to practice your new skills on the go.

Ok so - here's a very quick way for actors to feel better. Anytime you choose. About anything in your life. Like before an acting audition perhaps?

Anything at all. Imagine a time when you felt really great, for no reason at all, maybe you're looking at the sea, walking with a loved one maybe you’re doing wonderful things?

Any time you just felt GREAT Now we’re going to do a little bit of an imaginary exercise...

Go back to that specific time inside your mind - step right back into it - see what you saw - hear what you heard and feel those feelings of feeling GOOD for no reason again all the way round your body...
...let those feelings flow through your mind and body system like ink through blotting paper…

From the top of your head to the tips of your toes and imagine that you can DOUBLE those good feelings now…

On a scale of 1 to 10 where are you now?

Let's say you are a number 4 if you double those feeling you’d be at number 8 right?

How about starting from number 8 - what if you double that? - you'll be at 16 what happens inside when you double that feeling right now?

I imagine that you're feeling a new sense of energy and power inside your body, if not step back in again and vividly imagine what you saw in great detail - see what you’re looking at -

the people you're with - the details in the environment - listen to the sounds -

you're hearing sounds inside as well and feel those feelings inside your body  - the comfort - welling up inside of you again and again and again...

Do you feel good?

And what kind of good is that?

And is there anything else about that good feeling?

What’s the difference between now and where you were back then when you started this??

And can you imagine a time in the weeks and months ahead when you can can use this good feeling again and again?


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