"Finally...! How To Get Your NEXT Acting Job without acting like everyone else! "


                           Master the 3 critical ingredients you need to go from struggling actor to A-List actor - fast!


Multi Award Winning Actor, 6 Times Series Regular and Holistic High Performance Acting Coach Nick Dunning. (Sir Thomas Boleyn in The Tudors (I.F.T.A. Winner), Lupo Mercuri in Da Vinci's Demons, Preacher Garret in Hatfields and McCoys (12 Emmy's)  + 77 more imdb roles)

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Clare Dunne

"..this just sort of re-calibrated me, reminded me that I actually enjoy my job and made me enjoy self taping again and auditioning and stuff... So that means, it must work, it's also just really quick, and just like, straightforward, so if you're having any trouble I would...give it a go.  thanks Nick"

Clare will next be seen on screen in Herself, written by and starring Clare Herself premiered at Sundance Film Festival this year, and received rave reviews. 

Why is that some actors seem to attract acting job after acting job and others (who are equally gifted) don't enjoy the same opportunities and salaries?

 Imagine you had a system in place that led every casting director down a path so they clearly knew the next logical step would be to book YOU....






Here's what you’re up against these days  :

You've gotta have :

  • The Perfect Headshot.

  • The Perfect Agent

  • "credit heavy" showreel

  • The Perfect IMDB pro starmeter score

  • Be everywhere on social media

  • With tens of thousands of followers

  • And you gotta be...

  • ALWAYS positive  

  •  and then 

  • you have to do it again and again  - for ever!

PLUS you gotta have effortless high level communication skills and be "authentic" whenever you meet with agents and casting directors who can literally change your life, am i right?!



(For actors who hate selling and marketing themselves! )

This transformational training experience will show you step-by-step how to use the power of your whole mind to market your self and your acting work and take the guesswork out of how to enjoy the lifestyle of a successful A-List Actor! 

 (in a way that is natural and - wait for it...fun!) 

The Intelligent Actor gives you the formula to create your own dream career on the inside and attract what you want on the outside without worrying if you're on track or not - In minutes a day...🌟
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As you already know there is a massive world wide market of people actively searching for sensitive actors just like you.

With this training experience, you’ll quickly learn how to:

  • Turn your negative thinking into clean supportive thinking that changes things

  • Connect with casting directors and agents on a much deeper level

  • Shift doggedly stubborn perspectives casting directors have about you

  • so they see you in a brand new light

  • Literally fall in LOVE with the idea of selling yourself -- intelligently ❤️

So if you can agree that you already HAVE a powerful intelligence and maximising it effectively is the most important thing you need to do in order to grow the successful acting career your heart yearns for, then let's move on.

The Intelligent Actor has 3 transformative training modules to shape your new career fast, starting with...



I know you know your acting career needs a persuasive self tape to sell you well, doesn't it?

I also know it's not something you're the most excited about creating, let's be honest...❤️

As you know clearing your mind before you shoot a self-tape is an intelligent act in its own right. (The camera does not lie - Crappy mindset = crappy self tape)
In this module you'll quickly learn how to choose a deeper level of  confidence -- before you press record.

What would that do to your self tapes ? (and your bank balance 🌟 )

This module includes:
  • An audio sound bath
  • That blows away cobwebs of self doubt fast!
  • Dynamic assignments to help you BE the kind of actor you KNOW you are.
  • How to transform ANY negative belief into a stream of positive fresh beliefs in seconds)

After this module, you’ll be ready to start shooting a self tape like the Captain Of Your Own A-List Career.⚓️

And you wouldn't captain a ship without a rudder or a compass would you? Of course not, so why would you do it in your acting career?

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Lauren Fiala

...I was expecting it to take a long time but, short time later..this block that had been plaguing me for years was like...poof gone. He just...I don't know what he does but he adds his magic and - it goes. like gone. You then start to dream a hell of a lot bigger....

Working with Nick is ...Magical!

These audio/visual experiences are now a part of my life and I am much more Faith Full, with more self belief...I have eliminated the fear of success and fear of failure that debilitated me...I am much more caring towards my self and my work.

Daphne Alexander



Which of these apply to you?
  • Constantly undervaluing yourself by playing small?
  • NOT stepping into the role of the A-List Actor you need to be when networking?
  • Feeling inhibited at industry events? 
  •  Not asking for what you want in a meeting with an agent?

Well, now you know why your career feels a little "stuck and on hold", don't you? "

By the end of this module you'll be able to radiate a powerful inner confidence in ANY meeting you choose.
With anyone -- on Zoom or in the Room! 
This module gives you:
  • Clear guidance on how to prepare for a meeting mentally 
  • The skill to train your brain to deliver your new intentions --Intelligently.
  • An audio experience to eliminate poor unconscious habits that show tell tale nerves
  • Dynamic Workbooks to get you up to speed fast with networking.
  •  (Comes with beautiful 3-D soundscape so you enter the perfect headspace easily)

After this module, you’ll be ready to take meetings or network at events in an intelligent new way that will make you feel proud of who you are and everyone will FEEL your presence now....

But you won't yet understand how to generate an Unshakeable Resilience that protects and uplifts in an empowering way never mind what life or "the business" throws at you...that's up next...😀

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Ben Mars

"There's a lot of stuff out there for actors that seems to be a bit "Instantly Magical!!" Do you know what I mean...?

What I love about Nicks stuff is it feels...Magical...but it's rooted in practicality....the feedback is caring and supportive..I used to think if I didn't get a job I must be a bad actor....so that changed. And now I'm tooled up with what to do about it.



Imagine you could fall in love with all that messy "out of work rejection stuff " ?
Begin to picture yourself when bouncing back starts to feel easy and light...
What if you had your brand new bounce-backability (is that even a word?!!) working for you in a few short minutes from now! 

"What?! That's impossible!- nope - it's easy!" 

Think what else would change with the ripple effect from a SINGLE decision to become more resilient!
And if your current acting situation feels a bit...heavy, something needs to change doesn't it? 
Lets take some of that weight off you right now...
This module includes:
  • The exact process i use every time I feel out of alignment and balance ( which takes only a few minutes to do.) 

  • This heart warming process centres your energy and makes you feel like a peaceful warrior who wants to create nothing but good things in the world.

After this Module, students tell me -- "It feels like taking the handbrake off...Inside"

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All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Acting Career

From the inside >>> out.

What would it be like to have easy access to this training wherever you are in the world?

Let me explain...

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     It's Time To Transform

     You & Your Career

      Just like it's done for these guys...

Elva Trill

I often find visualising and embodying confidence helps me get out of my head

...once I step into the space. I visualise a scenario where I am at my most confident and once I'm in the zone I'm always more excited and nervous to get in front of a car. I imagine myself leaving knowing... I got the part!

Jurassic World, Line Of Duty

Pic courtesy Alamy

Hanni Heinrich

There are so many amazing things I got out of this...

....mainly I realise now I am the ultimate creator of every self tape of every character of every situation I experience...before this i struggled with audition anxiety...and since doing these visualisations and listening to the audios I have got cast in several projects in South Africa and Germany - I also I realised I could say NO to certain projects because they didn't sit with my values..."

Katie Sheridan

This is mad but...

I listened to one of Nick's audio's  just one audio. Just once. Went into the casting in such a relaxed yet alert state of mind I smashed it - I made over £24,763.24p - don't forget the 24 p Nick! "

Lochlann O'Mearain

" I have an offer from a respectable Boutique agency on Warwick St in Soho

...I am needed for the new campaign of radio ads for Nissan and I am meeting Debbie McWilliams (James Bond Casting) on Tuesday for a series regular on a Cable TV show  -  and my bag is stuffed with call sheets, sides and highlighted scripts."

Ciara O'Callaghan

Just played to 9,000 people in the arena tour of Mrs Brown's Boys Live!

 ...Had 2 auditions this week , listened to audition audio for both which was so helpful. Got a call back and an offer! Off to London Sunday to start rehearsals for new BBC Comedy... Thrilled! Thanks Nick  Xx..." 

Dennis Dannel

Two major wins

..in one week: one in a Casting Director workshop and one for a feature film! And to think, a year ago, I had so much anxiety..., crippling anxiety! Thank you, Nick, for helping me to find my way to my best self!!!

Aidan McArdle

Nick has really helped me in my approach to auditions and self taping

… getting in the game, and getting in the zone… And he's an all-round lovely guy!

Richard 111, (Title Role) Royal Shakespeare Company, Mr Selfridge BBCTV



From a young age, I learned I could use my creative gifts to express myself..Below is a pic of me as The Prince of the fairies in Thumbelina aged 5! I know, I know...😀

As a grown up I am now a multi award winning actor with 7  series regulars and Multiple TV roles to my name...The Tudors, Hatfield and McCoys, Da Vinci's Demons, Medics, Dalgleish, The Iron Lady, Alexander, The Firm etc..

I am also a certified holistic high performance coach and hypnotist

I love helping actors and today I want to help...YOU


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I have some extra "goodies" for you. The Audio/Visual experience you get with The Intelligent Actor will completely transform the way you approach your career. But that's only the beginning...

When you join us today you also get 3 massive bonuses to make your progress even faster and your success even easier...

Subconscious Clearing Session (Value €97.00)

Easily tune out old negative energy that has held you back for years and transform it into fresh new positively charged energy that lights you up and makes you feel like your mind is walking by the sea... ❤️



Albert Einstein said "You cannot change a belief at the level of thought that created it"

As you go use the very practical and easy to follow ETF process you will be amazed as you WATCH stubborn and long held negative beliefs melt away in seconds.n❤️


GET 1:1 SUPPORT (Value €150.00)


Every actor is unique. You'll leave your free 30 minute session with:

  • A crystal clear vision for your ultimate success as an actor and how to achieve it quickly 🎥 ⚡️
  • An awareness of the hidden challenges sabotaging your success and how to dissolve them - quickly and gently.
  • A feeling of being renewed, re-energised, and inspired to take your career to the next level of success 🚀
  • On a scale of 1-10 how good does that sound?

This bonus is yours free with your investment in this unique training experience.

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Richard Laing

My agent loved the self tapes I sent in.

My performance was In the room not my head. No hiding. No introspection. Just present. 

Game Of Thrones, V For Vendetta, Batman Begins

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Career That Feels As Good On The Inside As It Looks On The Outside

Over and over and over again...

Today only


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  • Self Taping Intelligence 
  • Networking Intelligence
  • Resilience intelligence
  • Transformational workbooks 
  • 3 powerful Bonuses
  • Subconscious Clearing session
  • Eagle Thinking Formula
  • 30 Minute Session With Nick
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If for any reason you are not absolutely delighted by this training and I mean ANY reason whatsoever just drop me a quick email and I will personally take care of you within the next 30 days : [email protected]


Kind regardsselected

Online Payment - Greally Accountants

With this brand new way of working I paid off my credit cards and my rent for a whole year in central London!

And earned more than £40,000.00 as an actor on Network TVUK and £17,000.00 from a commercial!

Plus I was able to go see my family in New Zealand...

Oh, and I feel..great!

Mellissa Phillips