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Does visualisation really work? Ask Lochlann...

"Hi Nick,

Just a quick note to say thank you and keep it up as it works, I will explain.

January in a time of very little work and I must say probably lacking confidence I went through the T.A.M. (Total Audition Magician) manual and followed all the exercises . Now September, I began leafing through my diary until I came across the Precise End Step and could hardly believe it.

It read....

I see myself at the airport long term parking, sitting into my Saab with full leather trim, checking my messages from my new London agent, a pile of scripts sides and call sheets in my bag, e-mail from wardrobe on my next TV show looking for sizes, racing back to make a studio on Baggot St in time for my VO, all after having wrapped on another TV show.

Well, currently I am in London working with James Nesbitt on Lucky Man for SKY Atlantic, my blue Saab with leather trim was delivered last Saturday, I have an offer from a respectable Boutique agency on Warwick St, I am needed for the new campaign of radio ads for Nissan when I get back and I am meeting Debbie McWilliams (casting) on Tuesday for a series regular on a Cable TV show . and yes my bag is stuffed with call sheets, sides and highlighted scripts.
So thanks Nick,

Time to write a new and Precise End Step ..
Stay great



 Try the 21 day course like Andie...?

"Hey Guys I'm on Day 20 of Nicks 21 Days to success. The results are fast and amazing! I'd let my work slide was feeling jaded little negative burnt out and rusty about myself as an actress. Then with Nicks help I realised I'm not just an 'actress' and this was the refresher I needed. There's so many things over the 21 days it's empowering,lovely and helps shift negative thinking.
My film South had its gala Premiere screening in Cineworld on Day 20 this was the culmination of a LOT of other things that also happened along the days! And It gets a nationwide cinema release on the 25th! I can't explain in words how much Nick Dunning and his mentoring has changed not only my belief system about myself, my career but my life..."

Andie McCaffrey Byrne

Would you like to give the 21 day course a's here..


Maybe your creativity will go nuts like Suzie Houlihan, one of my coaching clients...

" Hi Nick

I hope you are well and had a nice holiday. I got the new commercial agent I auditioned with, I've never felt so confident about going in to a meeting in my life.

It was like every little thing was made for me. The commercial script I had to learn before I went in, I'd already auditioned for something similar so not only was I spot on with it, but I could also impress the agent with the fact I'd auditioned for it in real life.

I also had recently worked twice with one of her other clients and the meeting just flowed like a natural conversation. This week I've also been super busy with modelling and voice over work. I've also started with a new writers group. The aim of this is to create our own You Tube channel showcasing our talent and go "to infinity and beyond"

Thank you for all your help and encouragement. I can't wait for the next coaching session.

Kind regards

Suzie "



"...Hey guys, hope you are all well. Just wanted to share with you guys that I had a TV casting for an episode of Doctors a little while ago and I prepared the scenes using Nick's advice about the range of change and I'd also had a session with Nick a few weeks before and I got the job! So thrilled filming last week. I really feel Nick's help has made all the difference! xXx..."
Katie Sheridan

 This is for actors who also write like me and Laura Canavan-Hayes

"..I wanted to thank Nick Dunning for an AMAZING coaching session today!!
I am lifted into a different stratosphere and ready for anything now!
Had a super productive day and ready for a mega important week next week in a writer's room for the first time developing my TV series....exciting stuff!
I am ready to sit at the table, confident and grounded, using a few tools and techniques to keep me in that great place throughout.
I cannot recommend Nick's one-to-one coaching enough. You always give your coachee your absolute all. Very grateful.
Thank you again.
I hope everyone else at TAM is well and thriving.
Laura xx

Laura Canavan Hayes

Get a bit too stressed like Melanie used to do?

"...Just wanted to report back on a job I did a couple of weeks ago. I was cast in a short film (didn't have to audition which is always nice!) and the shoot went really well. The concept was to film the whole thing in one continuous take so I prepped with some TAM exercises as I thought there would be a lot of pressure not to mess up! In the event, we got so much rehearsal time for the camera that nerves weren't really an issue at all but it was great to be so present and relaxed from the word go. Thanks Nick!..." Melanie Gray

Need more relaxation and self belief like Clara?

".....So just wanted to share with y'all about an audition I had for a lead role in a play. They kept me there for an hour and a half. I got the part!! Absolutely delighted because I really loved the character and I put a lot of work in to figuring out who she is and I became quite invested in her. So before the audition, I told myself 'You are the character, don't freak out, you got this!' And i did the 3 deep breaths before going in and it was one of the best auditions I had. I felt so relaxed and ready to share! TAM is actually the best thing ever. Which you all know of course...but yeah!! That's my wee story! Hope you're all nailing it! Have a happy week! Xx Clara White.

 "...Hi Tammers, I'm very happy to have got the year off to a good start with a nice role in an Irish crime feature and next month I work on Ripper Street which I auditioned for about 4/5 months ago, reminding me; sometimes fruit can be a bit slow to materialize, and appear even after you've forgotten you've sewn the seed! Thanks Nick..." Conor Lambert - Love And Friendhsip, My Left Foot, Intermission.


 ..."Had Two auditions this week , listened to audition audio (Audition Achievement: The Accelerator - FREE inside Total Audition Magician) for both which was so helpful. Got a call back and an offer! Off to London Sunday to start rehearsals for new BBC Comedy... Thrilled! Thanks Nick for everything. Xx..." Ciara O'Callaghan. Fair City. Mrs Brown's Boys.

Just finished playing to 9000 people in the arena tour of Mrs Brown's Boys Live.


"...Signed with a new agent. Change is Good..." Gary Mullan


 "Just had a totally AMAZING coaching session via Skype with Nick Dunning - totally ready now for a really important opportunity tomorrow. My very highest recommendations to all my actor chums...absolutely amazing. I feel like a different person...I'm no longer 'bluffing' confidence...I AM confident and calm and glowing and ready! Feel like I could take on the world....THANK YOU NICK!!..."

Elaine Caulfield - TAM Member














 TAM Member Melanie Gray

 T.A.M. Member Christiane O'Mahony

See her new show here - oh and by the way she wrote it as well - Now that's what I call taking action.

 And now Lesa...

"I want to thank you, Nick, for all your help. Because of the Total Audition Magician, I booked a role on the upcoming RTE series Can't Cope, Won't Cope! I have never felt so relaxed and focused going into an audition as I did when I went to read for my role. This works, and I can use it any time I want to get out of my own way and be the actor I know I have the ability to be. You are the best!! Xx Lesa Thurman Russell...