So, what exactly is Hypnotherapy?

Creating Change

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that you can enter into (with or without the help of a Hypnotherapist) where your mind is more receptive to suggestions that can change the way you think, feel and/or behave.

People often say to me afterward, they felt very relaxed, they could hear everything and just became more absorbed in their own mind and body...

(Oh, and contrary to popular belief, you always have TOTAL control of your body and mind in hypnotic trance.) Your best interests are always at heart, and integrity is of the utmost importance to me.

Hypnotherapy is provided by a certified Hypnotherapist (Which I am) as a therapeutic methodology. It is an amazingly powerful tool for creating long-lasting and life-changing results.

How I first got into it

I used to smoke 40+ Marlboro a day, I had a dreadful cough and was feeling generally "rubbish" being a smoker - not great for anyone who uses their voice for their living, right? I met an old actor who was playing in Artists and Admirers with me at the Riverside Studios - and he gave me an address in Harley Street London - It cost me £35 back then - which was a lot!! but after just one session I was able to give up for good - I left the Hypnotherapists office feeling comfortable and relaxed...

What surprised me was I could hear every word he said - and as I walked away I thought to myself, "well that didn't work" I walked along, I absent-mindedly put my hands into my pockets, pulled out my cigarettes and lobbed them into a passing waste bin...without being aware of what I had done!

I was hooked.. but no longer on cigarettes! Ha ha x

Since then I have used hypnotherapy to transform anxiety in myself, release old fears about speaking in public, let go of old money beliefs and habits, generated a gentle yet powerful confidence on stage and on camera - become nicely relaxed and focussed in all meetings and the list goes on and on...oh and I have kept my weight at a manageable and comfortable level for a long time - It used to you you up and down for years...and I now sleep like a baby - after a bout of post covid induced restlessness - sound familiar?

I feel more aligned than ever - all my inner conflicts have gone - you know that push pull feeling - Shall I? Shan't it? Will I Won't I? - gone!


Practically all ancient cultures – including the Persian, Greek, Chinese, Roman and Egyptian – used hypnosis in some form. There are also many references to trance and hypnosis in early writings. Egypt and Greece had centres where people came for help with their problems and/or illnesses. 


  • Day dreaming
  • Being absorbed in a book or a movie
  • Driving along a motorway
  • Being absorbed in physical exercise
  • Just waiting for a bus or train
  • Those moments just before you go to sleep
  • Those moments just before you wake up

Get the idea…?

These states are so common and familiar that most of us don't even recognise them as hypnotic phenomena, and yet they are naturally recurring states in ALL human beings


A Hypnotherapist has the skills and knowledge to guide a client into a ‘trance’ state – bypassing the rational, conscious mind in order to communicate directly with the subconscious mind. It is here where our beliefs, habits, thought patterns and values all reside. which is where ALL change happens! Exciting, right?!!

If you have a real desire for change in your life but haven’t successfully achieved it yet, your unconscious mind may be holding onto a belief that is no longer serving you and in the state of hypnosis, beliefs can be changed easily and effortlessly...

In short – in order to eliminate or change a negative reaction, we must reach the subconscious mind and change the IDEA that causes and is responsible for the negative reaction! Does that make sense?

It’s often surprising to people when they realise just how little of what they do, think and feel comes from the logical or rational part of the brain and how much of who they are lies in the unconscious. And what is even more remarkable? Is the degree to which you can influence this automatic unconscious programming for better health, wealth and results.

Your Unconscious Mind

The conscious and unconscious are two spheres of activity within one mind. Your conscious mind is the logical, day-to-day problem-solving part, while your unconscious mind takes care of processes outside of conscious control. Your unconscious mind does not work on logic – it is the domain of your feelings! And boy are you more powerful than you think...

According to Dr Bruce Lipton MD of Stanford University Medical Centre, your unconscious mind is "One Million Times More Powerful That Your Conscious Mind" Imagine putting that to work for you instead of against you?

Hypnotherapy offers new and healthy alternative responses for your unconscious mind to choose from – new, healthier ways to fulfil the same positive intentions without keeping you stuck in the same old patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

You can change ANY old limiting beliefs, thought pattens and habits to create powerful – and lasting – change.


When your unconscious gets it - you've GOT IT for good!

Your unconscious mind is there to help you to survive in life and make things easier for you – imagine if you had to think about what to do every time you encountered a door, for example! Look at door, adjust eye level, find handle, move hand towards door, grasp door handle, motion downwards...get the idea?

Your unconscious learns how to DO something and after it works OK a few times, it stops thinking about any other responses. This saves a huge amount of time and effort, and makes life a heck of a lot smoother and simpler


So how can you know you are in hypnotic trance? There are a number of cues which work as an indicator of trance. These include:

  • De-focusing and pupil dilation of the eyes
  • Slowing of breathing
  • Slowing of blinking reflex
  • Eye fixation softening
  • Rapid eye movement slowing down
  • Eyelid fluttering
  • Reduction of the swallow reflex
  • Facial muscles smoothing
  • Relaxation of entire body

As you can see these changes are comfortable and may happen at some point during a session in varying degrees.


Hypnotherapy can help you with a range of problems including;

  • anxiety disorders
  • stress
  • fears/phobias
  • depression/low mood
  • motivation issues
  • sports performance
  • loss of self confidence
  • weight management
  • smoking cessation
  • addictions
  • chronic pain management
  • insomnia/unhealthy sleep patterns
  • IBS symptoms
  • relationship/sexual issues
  • preparation for surgeries
  • stuttering

Hypnosis can help children and adults alike, and is a brilliant tool for better mental health and wellbeing.

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