ACTivate Jan 2021


"The Rise of The Inner A-List Actor "

Immersive Transformational Training

12 Week LIVE Group Coaching Programme
"Not a conventional training course, more a radical experience"


Yes Nick, I want to rush to the front of the line, so I can be the first one notified as soon as ACTivate Spring 2021 is ready to launch!

In my normal day i will exercise, do some acting of some kind (monologue, self tape)...

... vocal warm up or singing, yoga and meditation of some kind, arabic learning, and at least a couple of "networking" emails a week (usually more, depending) the biggest change has been...


Daphne Alexander

Whooo Hoooo. One week SUCCESSFULLY completed...

This is so much fun Sian x

Well this has opened up a lot for me to be working on :-D

All these things that we just accept without questioning! x Matt

I've been doing this every night and it is so powerful...

Each night I do it more things come up... And each time takes me further back to even childhood feelings. Then the white is so blinding and beautiful.

Such an amazing tape.. I will be using this one for long time. Love it!!This is brilliant Nick thank you so much! Arlene x


Wow! Wonderful getting rid of those cobwebs which have entangled me.

Just love your soothing empowering words every step of the way Nick x

Mandy Alridge

And again, this is a magical tool. I was listening to it for several days while preparing...

...for a self tape audition. What ever comes out of this audition, I was at my best and gave 100%. Hanni Heinrich x