Harness The Proven Power of NLP to Change Your Old Habits & Old Behaviours So You Can Live Your Optimum Life & Help Others to Do the Same

NLP Made Easy - The Masterclass

Change Your Mind : Keep The Change

 NLP Master Practitioner Coach and NLP Master Hypnotherapist Nick Dunning. 

Multi Award Winning Actor and Life Coach

(Sir Thomas Boleyn in The Tudors, Lupo Mercuri in Da Vinci's Demons, Preacher Garret in Hatfields and McCoys, Jim Prior in The Iron Lady, Simon in The Firm + 77 more imdb roles) 

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It feels like having The Owners Manual For YOUR Own Brain
"Yes Nick, I want to rush to the front of the line, so I can be the first one notified as soon as NLP Made Easy : The Masterclass is ready to launch!"

I was struggling with staying positive, having faith in my work and the future of my career, and a lot of unconscious habits that got in the way of my potential...

I got very very busy during the course, with offers of work and auditions.

The NLP visualisations are now a part of my life and I am much more Faith Full, with much more self belief, and much more awareness of the negative thoughts. I have eliminated the fear of success and fear of failure that debilitated me...I became much more caring towards myself. It also affected how I communicated with people...I am much more positive. I believe in myself more, I don't get upset by the ups and downs quite so much, I am more in the present.

Daphne Alexander

In the time that I worked with you Nick, I booked 4 jobs and earned over £20k!!


This allowed me to pay off my credit card (which was something I wanted to do) I can now comfortably afford my own apartment for another year and I have savings + have money to fly home to see my family in New Zealand! 

I am so much happier and my career took off fairly quickly once I started implementing the daily changes and really saw myself succeeding!

By shifting my beliefs and making it a daily practice to work on my self worth and confidence I am booking higher paid better quality work. My relationship with myself and others has improved greatly and I am so glad to have the support of others on the course.

The NLP group was a safe space, a fun space! I don't think I could have had this level of growth without learning from them too. I wake up each day knowing that I have choices. I am excited for each day and I feel like I am living more which is a promise I made to my Dad before he died.

That I would live a life free and full of enriching experiences. NLP has definitely been that for me. ❤️



NLP Made Easy doesn't just make you feel good on the inside!

It empowers YOU on the outside. It...


  1. Establishes your credibility and positions you as a "major player" in your own life.
  2. Helps you ditch bad practices like "getting in your own way" and undervaluing yourself!

  3. Creates Positive Energy Stores Inside by making sure you can handle everything easily and effortlessly

  4. Creates a brand new creativity mindset on the inside that shows up on the outside right now.

  5. NLP upgrades you and your life and your work. Long into the future!

  6.  And... it does all of this for you without YOU having to push, stress, self promote or any other sleazy pushy way you used to use to sell yourself!
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Previously what stopped me was fear of the unknown, poor self-image, low self-esteem, lack of commitment and focus, lack of exercise and self-care

I had weight issues which were causing health issues, negative thinking, no faith in myself and my abilities, a hang up about my age (I’m too old and knackered), thinking that if I gave myself permission to succeed and be paid, I would be seen as greedy and therefore I refused myself permission and did nothing. Now out of all that from having gone through the NLP programme I have shifted a lot.

Weight-wise I’ve dropped 7.7 kg and as a result my health issues are diminishing rapidly.

This was possible because I have learned through NLP techniques on how to focus and maintain that focus. I have learned how to commit. My self-esteem has shot up. I no longer have a hang-up about my age. I recognise and appreciate my talents and capabilities.❤️

"Yes Nick, I want to rush to the front of the line, so I can be the first one notified as soon as NLP Made Easy : The Masterclass is ready to launch!"

And again, NLP is a magical tool. I was listening to Nick's stuff for several days while preparing...

...for anything really. What ever happens, I KNOW I am at my best and gave 100%.

Hanni Heinrich x