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What People Are Saying:

Using this new way of working I paid off my credit cards and my rent for a whole year in central London! And earned more than UKP £40,000.00 as an actor on Network TV and UKP £17,000.00 from a commercial! Plus I was able to see my family in New Zealand... Oh, and I feel..great! Mellissa Phillips

Melissa Phillips

"There's a lot of stuff out there for actors that seems to be a bit "Instantly Magical!!" Do you know what I mean...?" What I love about Nicks stuff is it feels...Magical...but it's rooted in practicality....the feedback is caring and supportive..I used to think if I didn't get a job I must be a bad that changed. And now I'm tooled up with what to do about it.

Ben Mars

I often find embodying confidence helps me get out of my head ...once I step into the space. I visualise a scenario where I am at my most confident and once I'm in the zone I'm always more excited and nervous to get in front of a camera. I imagine myself leaving knowing... I got the part! Jurassic World, Line Of Duty Pic courtesy Alamy

Elva Trill

...I was expecting it to take a long time but, short time later..this block that had been plaguing me for years was like...poof gone. He just...I don't know what he does but he adds his magic and - it goes. like gone. You then start to dream a hell of a lot bigger....

Lauren Fiala

Nick has really helped me in my approach to auditions and self taping … getting in the game, and getting in the zone… And he's an all-round lovely guy! Richard 111, (Title Role) Royal Shakespeare Company, Mr Selfridge BBCTV

Aidan McCardle