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Coaching with me will help you quickly and gently...

  • Breakthrough ANY kind of emotional block, and raise ANY kind of mental barrier.
  • Discover the PRECISE mindset and business strategies to recreate yourself as an In-Demand Actor with a high profile Acting Career
  • Increase your stage, screen and camera confidence
  • Radically improve the quality of your relationships with Directors, Casting Directors and Agents.
  • Radically improve the quality of your relationship with YourSELF ( No more self esteem issues, no more I'm not enough, I'm not worthy, I can't do this, I don't deserve that.)
  • Stick to creating the necessary mindset and empowering habits for a healthier and happier life with increased impact and income from the industry.
  • Become more productive and self-disciplined
  • Double your motivation. Easily and effortlessly.
  • Genuinely LOVE yourself for who you are and what you give to the world and to the universe.

As one of the industry's leading Actors and High Performance Coaches, I can help you achieve ALL of that.

I'm a multiple award winning Actor.(Over 75+ IMDB Credits and thousands of stage flying hours) A BBCTV Produced Screenwriter. A Certified High Performance Coach. A Master Hypnotist. A Certified  Results Coach PLUS I use my instinct and my magical gifts to work with you so you can step into your most self-assured subconscious identity in seconds!

I've worked with Oscar Nominees, International Sporting Stars, "A List Actors" (Downton Abbey, Mr Selfridge, Vikings, Love Hate, Normal People),  Multiple Series Regulars, as well as new and emerging talent. I have the grace, the humour, the experience and the skill to give you exactly what you need to take your career to next level.

Are you ready to really go for it? Let's have a free call - to see if we're a good fit :-)

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What Exactly Is Coaching For Actors?



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The Fast Track Pack

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The Next Level

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The Transformation

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One on One Coaching Sessions With Nick

The Fast Track Pack

  • You see, I believe your success is inevitable!
  • By the end of your first session you will wonder what all that stress was about because it will no longer be there.
  • By the end of all 3 sessions, you will experience what subconscious success feels like so you can take it with you into the audition room or your next self tape!
12 Monthly Payments of €37.50 = €450.00
Single Payment €400.00 - Save €50.00

5 One on One Coaching Sessions With Nick

The Next Level Breakthrough Pack

  • A deeper dive to give you even more power and control over your mental states under performance situations.

  • And because I believe your success is inevitable by the end of these 5 sessions, you will feel a growing sense of ease and certainty and even predictability about your life as an actor.

  • You will understand how to activate vital visibility strategies and you will become even more well known as an in-demand actor with a high profile in the industry
12 Monthly Payments of €62.50 = €750.00
One Single Payment of €700.00 = SAVE €50.00

12 One on One Coaching Sessions With Nick

The Total Transformation

(NB Every Total Transformation Pack is created with the individual in mind and I do not guarantee we stick to this outline BUT it is offered to show some of the areas we might work on together)

Session One: Your Clarity and Vision

Together we look at where you are focussed in a few key areas. Which habits you have that are supporting you or pulling you away from performing at your highest level.

Session Two: Your Old and New Identity Story

We focus on your strengths and gaps in your subconscious identity in your life right now and encourage your new subconscious identity to grow rapidly.

Session Three: Your Values

We focus on your values and make certain they are fully aligned so you can achieve your goals and live a fully charged life as an actor.

Session Four: Your Subconscious Re-Programming

We discuss where you’ve been confident and courageous in life, and where you might be holding back or backing down in situations and rewrite the story at the unconscious level so you can feel even more confident and courageous.

Session Five: Performance Based Brain Habits For Performance and Productivity

We look at how productive and effective you feel in your personal and work life, and I give you a set of tools to help you quickly and easily improve these areas.

Session Six: Influence With Casting Directors Agents and Directors

We gauge how influential you are in your personal and business relationships inside your career, and give you even more powerful sets of tools and concepts to raise your level of action and influence.

Session Seven: Commitment and Responsibility

Together we look at where you are focussed in terms of commitment and responsibility and see how you are supporting yourself performing at your highest level.

Session Eight: Self Hypnosis For Actors

I teach you a rapid self hypnosis induction to deepen your confidence even faster. Imagne being able to get into a peak perfromance state in seconds.

Session Nine: Mental Triggers

Together we investigate the best ways and means of adding multiple mental triggers to your life to allow you to live your most potent, happy and fullfilled life.

Session Ten: Your NEW Money Identity

We clear out old useless thinking around money and begin to grow and entirely new way of approaching enjoying and having money flow to you easily and evidently

Session Eleven: Networking and visibility strategies

Together we amplify the echo of your newfound subconscious identity out into the world so you are able to confidently get your work into the hands of more casting directors in the world with and without an agent

Session Twelve: Stepping Into Your Zone Of Genius 

A special hypnotic session to make these changes permanent. It does what it says on the tin!

12 Monthly Payments of €150.00 = €1800.00
Single Payment €1700.00 - Save €100.00