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"How would you like to create a “compelling camera presence” in less than 20 minutes so you can deliver a magnetic performance that captivates casting directors so they finally give you a Yes!" 


Which of these applies to you?

  • Do you want to get better results from your self taping?

  • Are you still frustrated by the process of self taping"?

  • Do you want to make better connections with CD's when you self tape?

I know it sounds weird but despite the fact that you know you are going to become an in-demand actor you might also be having some unsettling thoughts... which might be holding you back.

I'm going to share with you EXACTLY how YOU can eliminate those so you can give your best on-camera performance and start attracting more casting directors in less than 17 minutes…

I'm Nick Dunning... Creator of Self Taping Super Hero


  • Nick Dunning is a R.A.D.A. (Dip Hons) Trained, Multi Award Winning Actor with over 80 IMDB credits, a High Performance Acting Coach and a Certified Master Hypnotist.


  • Self Taping Super Hero makes it easy to create an energetically vibrant mindset that literally flows through the lens towards the casting director


  • Self Taping Super Hero makes it easy for you to quickly get into the most powerful performance state every time you set up a self tape.


And I want YOU to be able to experience and feel that kind of confident connection for yourself…

YOU are just ONE SELF TAPE AWAY from Your Breakthrough!


Self Taping Super Hero 


Self Taping Super Hero 

  • Makes it easy to quickly enter a state of unstoppable confidence and clarity that makes you feel "as if it's LIVE" and practically pre-sells your self tape
  • Helps you escape the pain of being stuck in low energy states like self doubt and self consciousness so you can quickly bypass that nagging critical voice that robs you of success
  • Allows you to finally stop worrying about the technology and focus ALL of your attention on your performance in a new way that stops casting directors dead in their tracks so they pick up the phone and call you and even start doing a happy dance and start calling all their CD buddies about what amazing energy you have...and that's exciting isnt it?

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"It's like having a Self Taping Swiss Army Knife In your back pocket man!" 😎

Here's exactly what you're going to get inside Self Taping Super Hero

Three Powerful Training Modules That Will Amp Up Your Feelings Of Confidence And Your Vibrational Energy Level Quickly

Module 1: Clearing The Way For Your Superpower (€97.00 Euro Value)

1. How to eliminate all the negative thoughts and beliefs that hold you back as an actor

2. One of the best tips I was ever given about where to place your attention so it benefits you on camera 

3. An audio/visual commentary and written report so you can see how to make this work for you 

Module 2 : Choosing Your Superpower (€97.00 Euro Value)

1. How to choose the best dynamic presence that works exclusively for YOU 

2. The Ultimate Self Tape Performance Guide. My personal 13 step plan for self tapes that book

3 The Bear Traps - The most common pitfalls. Never make these mistakes ever again.

Module 3 : Stepping Into Your Superpower (€97.00 Euro Value)

1. How to really feel your new charismatic presence so it fits you like a glove

2. The number 1 skill that radically improves the way your mind embodies your new super power

3. The most gorgeous musical accompaniment that allows your new found power to take root quickly

Which of these Results Inspire You the Most?

"I met Nick at exactly the right time to take my work to the next level. When I started with Nick I felt rusty and I didn't really trust myself...since then I have booked a role in an American feature film and three commercials!"

Hanni Heinrich
Actor - Berlin- Cape Town

..since then I've gotten a short film and a role in a feature...it must work!

"...It reminded me that I actually enjoy my job and made me enjoy my self taping again...and since then I've gotten a short film and a role in a feature...  it's also just really quick, and just like, straightforward, so if you're any having any trouble I would give it a go. So thank you Nick"

Clare Dunne, Actor, Screenwriter, Herself, Playwright, Sure Lookit, F*ck it (This is popbaby)

I have an offer from an agency on Warwick St, the new Nissan campaign, and I'm meeting Debbie McWilliams (James Bond Casting) for a...

"I am in London working with James Nesbitt on Lucky Man for SKY Atlantic, I've an offer from an agency on Warwick St, I'm needed for the new Nissan campaign and I'm meeting Debbie McWilliams (James Bond Casting) for a series regular on a Cable TV show, and my bag is stuffed with call sheets, sides and highlighted scripts."

Lochlann O'Mearain, Ron Howards "Genius", Into The Badlands, Lucky Man (SKY), Vikings, Sharon Horgan's Women On The Verge, Amy Hubermans' Finding Joy

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I Have Some Extra "Goodies" For You

This training will rip up your old way of doing things and transform the way you approach Self Taping...instantly.

But that's just the beginning!

When you join Self Taping Super Hero today you also get 3 Bonuses to make your progress even quicker your success even smoother and S.M.A.R.T. tools that simplify and amplify everything !

Starting with.. 

Bonus #1 Self Taping Gear Guide and Flow Chart (€97.00 Value)

Camera's, lights, mics, backgrounds, editing software, you name it we got you covered...

Following along with this easy step by step flowchart. Diving into our Budget To High End gear guide will transform your feelings about "all things tech" whether you're starting out or getting closer to your dream of becoming an A-List Actor. Everything will flow like water...


BONUS #2  How to Learn Your Lines Fast (€197.00 Value)

Pop in your headphones and listen. That's it. You'll have your precise action plan in minutes not months. 

You wont believe how quick and easy it is to learn your lines quickly when you listen and watch my secret weapon!

Arlene Martine Morris Says:

"This is brilliant!! I gave it a go today to learn a monologue. I first worked on the negative beliefs that it was going to be hard and I was too tired for anything to go in to my brain today). I followed each step and wrote the whole thing with just the first letter and punctuation ..looking at full page of letters I thought..no way this going to work. Then I read it.. I remembered all of it. Did this couple times then closed the book and I recited the monologue! Full process took me half hour! I'm amazed .. and I thought I was pretty good at learning lines but wow this is just brilliant thank you Nick! (It also clears my fear of getting a big script to learn!!)"

Bonus #3 21 Steps To Raise Your Profile As An Actor (€197.00 Value)

Talk about Plug and Play - with the emphasis on "Play!

Follow along with this easy step by step guide and transform your "Visibility" in the industry and step up to the big table.

In very little time you'll be sashaying across the room and greeting the top casting directors and agents in the world with ease because they will know and recognise YOU!

Enroll in Self Taping Super Hero Today!

Your Investment is just €19.95

Join Self Taping Super Hero Today

For questions or help with anything contact customer care at [email protected]

I want to give you a Rock Solid 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee

Self Taping Super Hero 

is 100% Risk FREE

If you decide it's not for you, I want you to ask for your money back!

No jumping through hoops. No explanation Required. No "Awkwardness".

Just send me an email within 30 days by clicking the link below for a full refund.

[email protected]

And because I actually give a F.A.Q.!

Your most popular questions answered

Below are some of the most common questions that I get. But if what you need to know isn't listed here then simply...

Contact my customer support team at [email protected]

We ALL start out as a blank page :-)

If you are just starting out as an actor when you activate Self Taping Super Hero  you will be developing your skills on a regular basis that will help you leapfrog actors who choose to do nothing. So yes it is a good fit.

And you are ALWAYS protected by my 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, right?


I'm sure you already know that confidence in yourself and your self belief will make an enormous difference to your mindset and when you feel more confident inside your visibility and desire for change will continue to grow so you will become more visible on the outside and grow quicker than you ever thought possible

It's a Full 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

What this means is you can test out the whole kit and caboodle for 30 days, check it all out, test it, listen to audios, read the booklets, watch the videos, download the hypnotic audio, really get involved and if it's not for you within 30 days just drop me a line and I'll give you all your money back.

Instantly. No Fuss. NO HASSLE. Nada.

Oh goodness me yes!

You can contact me via email Facebook, Messenger Instagram Twitter anything you like really… Ha ha ha X

One of your biggest needle movers in Self Taping Super Hero  is the speed of my response. It means you can get an honest answer almost instantly to your most pressing question.


You can easily get in touch by clicking here

Enroll in Self Taping Super Hero Today!

Your Investment is just €19.95

Join Self Taping Super Hero Today

For questions or help with anything contact customer care at [email protected]


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