"Finally! High Velocity Training Course Reveals The Secret to Sell A Lot More Of Your Self Tapes... In Less Than 3 Hours!"


Hey there! I'm Nick

Ready to start really creating your best life as an actor? Then you're in the right place.


Hey there! I'm Nick

Ready to start really living your best life as an actor? Then you're in the right place.

I've got a lot to show you...

"I help actors who struggle with self taping get out of their own way quickly so they can get more acting work - Fast" Nick

I know how to do it now but it wasn't always like that...

Ok so I had this nightmare week back in the day when I was asked to send in 9 self tapes to Los Angeles during pilot season! 

These were for big shows like Blacklist. Sense8 and The Crown. I had to do 9 separate characters and each self tape had 3 scenes, each scene was 3 pages long and filled with complex dialogue!!

I went into a totally panicky tail spin - I seemed to have no time for eating or sleeping - it was super stressful, but I managed it, I got the lines in, learned them well, worked out good characters, created proper scenes -  sent the tapes off and felt good about them. I really did. I was proud of myself for having got it done and felt really confident..

I didn't get a single one.

I never heard back.

Nothing at all.

I spiralled into self doubt, I started to blame everything I could think of, the amount of lines, the horrendous lack of time, the lighting, you name it - and it was all my fault. I blamed myself and punished myself for weeks...

Eventually I surfaced again...i realised i knew absolutely nothing about getting a self tape that could get me a yes.  I knew NOTHING.

Now I am an award winning actor, right, I had been in many of the biggest shows on the planet, (Tudors, Da Vinci's Demons, Hatfields and McCoys, The Iron Lady) I hadn't self taped for them though, I had been IN THE ROOM and met and worked with the directors, person to person...I was so ashamed to wake up to the fact - I KNEW nothing about creating a self tape. It was like learning a foreign language!

I needed help...which tbh was a pretty uncomfortable place to be, I felt...shaky and small...?

Eventually I grew a pair and started to talk to agents and producers and camera men and sound recordists and directors and CD's - I wanted to understand the tech side of things, and the performance side of things. I spoke with casting directors to see what it was that they REALLY wanted...and gradually a picture started to form in my mind and i started putting the pieces together. When I finally added the psychology piece it took off - I had spoken to my own coach and to a world famous positive psychology trainer...

I realised there were 4 principles and if i could find a way to link them together i might stand a chance. Eventually I put a plan in place...and then I just...followed it...

And since then I got 6 out of my last 7 self tapes - and then I tried it out on my students...and they started getting results...and so...

Self Taping Secrets

was born...

Which of these questions gets your attention first?

UPDATE!: Filming next week! 🎬  ðŸ‘ŒðŸ¿

#wins Filmed a commercial last Friday and it was the most comfortable I have been on set. I was present, relaxed and used the breathing exercises plus anchoring the feelings and it transformed my experience! I came away feeling so good!

#wins I booked my first overseas gig! Flying to Prague VERY early tomorrow morning (3:25am pick up!) 🤪I will be away for 10 days.
I made sure to revisit the training so that I could allow myself to feel the feelings of warmth, success and happiness!

#ahas "Make it work for you" - I have now developed a great pre and post taping technique that gets me in the best emotional state.
From the moment I get the email asking me to tape. (or when I arrive on set.)
⭐️ "I choose to centre my energy, because I choose to centre my energy"
⭐️ All is well.
⭐️ My success is inevitable!
⭐️ It is done!
⭐️ Trust.

Which actor do you relate to the most?


UPDATE! : I loved last week’s love recording 🎥. 🚀. 💥

#wins It all kicked off this morning and I’ve been in a zoom meet last hour and a half regarding a film and now they want me to prepare a tape.. 

Daphne Alexander


#wins Wow guys it’s been a whirlwind since our live with Nick , I got a email from my Agent for a Self tape casting director said he could see  me playing a number of roles so I had 5 characters to play and 5 sets of sides, And it was the first time that I didn’t feel anxious or shitty , but Alive and Powerful ! I did my self hypnosis and Anchoring and my 3 breaths ! 
And felt totally connected ( Boom mic 🎤drop) :)

#wins Here’s the Magic Nick is talking about as soon as I finished the first set of tapes, I immediately got a call from my Agent again to say I have been requested by Another Casting Director for another self tape and she sent the sides over and I got back to my positive state which was easy cos I feel I had never left that state if that makes sense! Beaming all Day Happy St Patrick’s Day it was .

Success Loves Speed

And if you’re willing to do what it takes NOW, I promise you’ll be in a very different place in as little as 3 hours from now.

If you follow what I show you, you’ll master all the equipment, technology, mindset, performance, scripts and the  messaging you need to attract casting directors from social media and more. Just imagine your life when you get to master self taping, and become a high profile actor... in less than 3 hours!

No more waiting, no more hoping or wishing how it’s going to happen.

But you have to HURRY, because...

Do you want to sell your self tapes? Fast? This is the fastest way to get your self tapes into the hands of the top casting directors in the world so you can start building your career and getting ahead now... instead of waiting, and waiting till...later.

If you wait, you’ll continue to waste time... lose opportunities... lose out to your competitors.

And I don’t want you to delay becoming an in-demand actor ONE MOMENT longer than you have to! Please - Don't miss out!

Ready to get started?

Today is the day! Let's do this!


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Ready to get started?

Today is the day! Let's do this!


Normally €297.00 Today Only €77.00 

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Yes! I want In On Self Taping Secrets Today!

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