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 Epic Video Training Series

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“We are NOW in September 2021 and I am revisiting Nick’s brilliant Activate ‘21 course I did back in January this year...

At the start of the course we filled in a questionnaire about where we were and what we wanted to achieve. Re-reading it just now I am struck by how much of what I asked for has come true, both in terms of career progress and positive inner changes.

There’s something MAGIC about working with Nick. The main thing I take away from Nick’s Activate is “ETF”, the Eagle Thinking Formula, the simple but remarkable method Nick taught us of turning negative thoughts around - he has helped me become aware of even very subtle ones, and how to stop them in their tracks.

The other brilliant take away is “The Screening Room of Your Mind”, a beautiful visualisation that I listen to daily that helps me relax and visualise my life. It features beautiful music and Nick’s heavenly voice guiding you through. And there’s so much more!

Nick takes you by the hand, gently and generously sharing a huge amount of gems, about the life of the actor, self tapes and methods/ tactics that are invaluable for the ups and downs of this industry. I recommend working with him wholeheartedly (and I’m definitely coming back)!”

Daphne Alexander

"In the time I worked with you Nick I got 4 jobs, including my first job abroad, and I made over £20,000.00 UKPounds!"

This allowed me to pay off my credit card (which was something I wanted to do) I can now comfortably afford my own apartment for another year and I have savings + have money to fly home to see my family in New Zealand! 

I am so much happier and my career took off fairly quickly once I started implementing the daily changes and really saw myself succeeding!

By shifting my beliefs and making it a daily practice to work on my taping skills, self worth and confidence I am doing MUCH better auditions and therefore booking higher paid better quality work. My relationship with myself and others has improved greatly and I am so glad to have the support for the other Activate members.

The group was a safe space, a fun space! I am excited for each day and I feel like I am living more which is a promise I made to my Dad before he died....That "I would live a life free and full of enriching experiences". ACTivate has definitely been that for me.


Melissa Phillips

Video Poster Image

..since then I've gotten a short film and a role in a feature...the coaching must work!

"...I had a coaching session with Nick a few weeks ago and I found it really really helpful. It just sort of re-calibrated me, reminded me that I actually enjoy my job and made me enjoy my self taping again and auditioning and stuff...and since then I've gotten a short film and a role in a feature... So that means, the coaching must work, it's also just really quick, and just like, straightforward, so if you're any having any trouble I would give it a go. So thank you Nick"

Clare Dunne, Actor, Screenwriter, Herself, Playwright, Sure Lookit, F*ck it (This is popbaby)