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Other Actors say:

...currently I am in London working with James Nesbitt on Lucky Man for SKY Atlantic, I have an offer from a respectable agency on Warwick St, I am needed for the new campaign of radio ads for Nissan when I get back and I am meeting Debbie McWilliams (casting) on Tuesday for a series regular on a Cable TV show . and yes my bag is stuffed with call sheets, sides and highlighted scripts. So thanks Nick, Lochlann

Lochlann O'Mearain

"...Just wanted to report back on a job I did a couple of weeks ago. I was cast in a short film (didn't have to audition which is always nice!) and the shoot went really well. The concept was to film the whole thing in one continuous take so I prepped with some TAM exercises as I thought there would be a lot of pressure not to mess up! In the event, we got so much rehearsal time for the camera that nerves weren't really an issue at all but it was great to be so present and relaxed from the word go. Thanks Nick!..." Melanie Gray

Melanie Gray

"...Hey guys, hope you are all well. Just wanted to share with you guys that I had a TV casting for an episode of Doctors a little while ago and I prepared the scenes using Nick's advice about the range of change and I'd also had a session with Nick a few weeks before and I got the job! So thrilled filming last week. I really feel Nick's help has made all the difference! xXx...

Katie Sheridan

"...Nick Dunning has really helped me in my approach to auditions....getting in the game, getting in the zone...and he's an all round lovely guy and I highly recommend him..." Mr Selfridge BBC TV, Clan of the Cave Bear, Quirke, Garrows Law, Me And Orson Welles, The Duchess."

Aidan McArdle

I've never felt so confident about going in to a meeting in my life. It was like every little thing was made for me. The script I had to learn before I went in, I'd already auditioned for something similar so not only was I spot on with it, but I could also impress the agent with the fact I'd auditioned for it in real life. I also had recently worked twice with one of her other clients and the meeting just flowed like a natural conversation. Thank you for all your help and encouragement. I can't wait for the next coaching session. Kind regards Suzie x

Suzie Houlihan