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Authentic and Assured Self Promotion on Social Media For Actors

This is from our good friend and Social Media expert for actors Heidi Dean from way over there in LA...

I really recommend reading her original post - Heidi offers a free social media cheatsheet which is excellent so pop on over and enjoy loads of her free trainings and articles - subscribe to her You Tube channel, I have, and enjoy! You'll learn all about instagram for actors, facebook for actors and social media marketing strategies for actors in 2019.

x Nick

If you are wanting to brighten up your social media presence for actors, and who doesn't, watch this video for actors now.

Your social media presence is vital these days and who is on twitter and FB and Insta? Casting directors...Go find them, and follow the ideas Heidi suggests.


Heidi Dean says...

"I was honored to speak on the SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s panel about ‘The Art of Authentic & Assured Self-Promotion’ this past week (along with Alex Newell, Azia Celestino, Tony Howell and Lori Hammel)."

We discuss how to post about your projects with a purpose and with confidence (without annoying your friends and followers). Enjoy!

We covered so to post authentically, secrets to getting more engagement, how to decide which platforms you should be on, private vs. public accounts, actor websites, social strategies for content creators and so much more....


Nick adds...

Have you seen this? A free training I created to boost your understanding and how to market yourself on social media as an actor in 2019.

Heidi also says...:

READ: Don’t Let Your Social Media Become a Social Nuisance

Choose a time every day to manage your social media.
Choose a specific time to check notifications, messages and engage with fans and followers. Do it all day and you risk getting sucked into the social vortex for hours every day and hating social media.

To help you stay on track, pair the time you choose with a daily ritual like your morning coffee, lunchtime, or if you’re fortunate enough to be a regular on a TV show, maybe you manage your social media when you’re in the makeup chair. This doesn’t stop you from hopping on social at other times but it’s important to have a scheduled time it gets done every day no matter what. Other times are just bonus!

Have a plan.
When we go grocery shopping, we make a list. When we write a paper, we create an outline. But most actors have no plan when it comes to social media. Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” and this is especially true on social media. Instead of winging it, choose one platform to focus on. Set up and optimise that network, figure out a posting schedule, and learn to organise your contacts on that network so you can actually begin to see results for your career.

To make planning super simple for you, I created the Ultimate Social Media Guide for Actors. It’s completely free, so be sure to grab your copy here. See you on social!

Follow Heidi on her you tube channel here


She knows WAY more than I do - thanks x Nick

Click on this pic for some FREE Social Media Training


Still not convinced about how important social media is for actors?

10 pointers and reminders...

1. Social media for actors helps you reconnect with the business 
Being front and centre mind with the connections you already have in the biz is often the quickest way to booking more work. Watch/

2. Social media builds new relationships with actors, producers, CD's and directors.
Before social media, you could only meet in person. Now, you can bypass the usual suspect gatekeepers and chat and connect with people you’d never have had access to in the past. Believe me. I know. One click. do it.

3. Social media is now part of your job
Your next contract could require you to post, live tweet, or take part in an Instagram takeover. Are you ready? The Gate theatre and The Abbey do it already. London has been doing it for years. US years before.

4. Without social media, you’re not as useful to casting and publicity depts.
Without an active social media presence, you’re less desirable to producers and other peeps because you can’t share your project with your followers and family and friends ie paying audiences.

5. Social media helps you find NEW friends. 
Which is cool when you’re looking for referrals for an agent, producer or casting director submissions. Having a referral is way more effective than a cold call.

6. It can help you find auditions.
Yes it can. It's true. Ask around. Think...connectivity,

7. It’s great for actors who are also content creators. 

Writers. Own show. Web series.? Your social media following is a built-in audience for your own personal projects.

8. Social media gives you a direct line of communication to fans. 
As your career grows, this is useful and desirable. Ttell them the truth before the media does.

10. You can chat with your heroes. 
I get regular tweets from ....Well, you know :-)


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