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Dominate the audition room like a bad ass!

auditions confidence Apr 25, 2017

Being confident in an audition can be really hard sometimes, right?

How would you like to learn how to increase your confidence in your acting auditions...?

The way you approach any audition is critical. Here's a very easy way to empower yourself to feel confident - it's a new angle, a new take on the way we usually do things...give it a go.

When you begin to trust yourself more and more your ability to respond well to new ideas will begin to explode.

Be confident - Own the room - Make it yours

 How To Be Confident In An Acting Audition

Step 1 : Imagine you have already got the part.

(Sneaky Neuro Tip - Your brain cannot tell the difference between a real and an imagined event - so use the power of your brain :-)

Step 2 : Make it yours. Own it. Say to yourself "This is my part, my role"

Step 3 : Avoid calling it an audition - Think of it as being like a rehearsal, fun and playful - a safe place where you can express yourself fully and completely.

Step 4 : You're going in "to share."


How do you know if you have it?

Quick test:

Confidence is knowing you can cope or handle things. It's being able to act as you intend, and succeed in a specific situation, like any kind of audition or self tape

It’s trusting you will reliably show up as your "best self" and do a really good job.

Confidence is a combination of mindset and movement

Remember - The Brain knows The Body flows...

Confidence is best developed using trust, intention, action, and self-reflection.

1. How can I trust myself even more to do a good job?

2. What is my intention in this audition or self tape?

3. What am I going to do specifically?

4. Once it's can I improve on anything I did last time?

A few stories about confidence from fellow actors

How do you increase your own confidence in an audition? Let me know what you do? How do you make things easier on yourself?

Leave me a comment or ask a question below.






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