How To Recover From a Bad Self Tape Or Acting Audition in 2022

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How To Recover From a Bad Self Tape Or Acting Audition in 2022

Here's 3 more ideas if you've had a bad self tape or audition experience...

1. Think like a business.

Keep a record. Objectify what you're doing - learn from your mistakes...Notice patterns, identify trends...

When you find something that works - do it again.

How can you recreate the conditions that created your most successful self tapes/auditions? 

Acting Audition

  • Are you getting a good night’s sleep?
  • Are you properly hydrated?
  • Leaving a few minutes earlier, so you’re not circling the block looking for parking?
  • Is your brain in gear and your body centered?

Self Tape

  • If it's a self tape...
  • Lines down and fully digested?
  • Actions chosen? And clear?
  • Used my free self tape guide? (don't know where it is...ask me?)
  • Get the self taping equipment ready the night before?
  • Did you check your phone or camera is fully charged
  • Camera batteries?
  • On Airplane mode?

2. If you screw up in the audition room don't go overboard with the apologies.

Gushing looks bad...regain composure.

They may not even have noticed - really - you did in your mind - but not them - really.

Let it go - focus on what IS in your control in the moment.

  • Take a moment
  • Re focus yourself into the moment in the room.
  • Set a NEW and clear intention
  • go for it baby!

3. Start over.

If you start and you're like...ooppss...totally wrong track - STOP - just say "I'm going to start again" 

Don't say " Is it er, ok...if I...sorry about this...I'm such a, you see my aunty didnt give me a call to wake me up and...u sure i can, can i start, is it ok?..."

  • Take a moment.
  • Wait for the camera operator to reset.
  • Start again - no worries.
  • Good to go.

x Nick

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