3 Social Media Marketing Tips For Actors 2022

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3 social media marketing tips for actors 2022

When you use social media tools in your actors marketing your acting profile will increase steadily. Remember the goal is to Build Relationships Over Time

So how do you do that?


In this business perception is everything.

There are a lot of variables in the business that are way beyond your control, but I'm sure you know that already, right? 😎

But you can control what your followers, fans and friends (and casting directors, agents and producers) read on your social media accounts. So you can have some control over the content, right?

 Actors can choose to use social media as a free and very easy way to connect with  followers and as an extremely valuable (And powerful) marketing tool to interact with and collect feedback from fans, friends and followers AND the business folks that matter.

Interacting with fans and followers creates a deep connected sense of loyalty and builds powerful foundations over time that strengthen that relationship.

When other actors ask questions, read comments and chat back with you they show their support AND they give you feedback . Having that feedback is very useful info because it gives you the tools to create meaningful posts that can be viewed and shared amongst other actors and peeps in the business while simultaneously strengthening the relationship with your existing fans and reaching new ones.


Your reach as an actor is a valuable tool for promoting your brand, your website and headshots, showreels and resumes etc. Your following has a direct impact on your casting marketability. Some actors are getting casted partly based on the size of their social media followings because studios KNOW they can leverage an actor’s fanbase to sell their project. Lets say a studio has a reach of 3 million people - If they hire Dwayne The Rock Johnson - he brings a social media following of 151 million fans.

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Now some people hate all of this, and I do a bit, I have to admit because it leaves the rest of us floundering right?- I mean how do you compete with that!!?

According to a new report from Variety Magazine, “talent agencies and casting directors are ditching open casting calls and instead are searching Vine, YouTube, and Twitter for their next leading actor or actress”.

In a panel discussion at a recent South by Southwest event, casting directors disclosed that talent may only account for 7% of the reason a particular actor would be cast for a role.

The recommendation?

Actors should start recording their own short films, comedies, and sketches and clips on YouTube and Twitter and Instagram stories to get noticed because acting talent may only account for 7% of the reason an actor would get cast for a role. The strength of your social media presence can add greatly to your acting arsenal.

And lets be honest, do we think the internet and social media for actors is going away anytime soon?

Using Social Media Marketing for Actors to Build Your Brand

Having talent is vital, but your ability and skill to grow an audience can enhance and boost your brand. When used properly to support your brand, social media becomes a powerful branding tool that can eventually open up multiple opportunities to add work opportunities

Your brand  sets you apart from the competition so make sure you have what I call vertical integration - lined up. Today!

The Tips

Vertical Branding

1. Make sure you spread your branding across ALL your marketing materials. Including your website, headshot, showreel, resume etc. If you need help with these materials I have other training videos to help actors with social media and showreels, resume letters etc. Include your links to your actors website, IMDB profile, acting agent details and contact information.

Get Visible

2. Use the FREE design service at to promote your social media and marketing materials as an actor. They have everything from twitter profile pages to Facebook covers, You Tube covers, Instagram story profiles, you name it - and it's all free.

Keep your social media marketing in one place and up to date easily. They have beautifully designed social media Templates, tools to boost your workflow, and a very simple to use interface. (Even I can do it:-)


3. Use Video. Video is number one for all actors thinking about social media marketing. Its fine to write posts and quote cards etc but when you add video you come alive. Let people know what you're up to WITHOUT selling. Attract casting people easily and quickly.

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Social Media Strategy for Actors

Here are the questions you need to answer to get clear on for your social media strategy: Get specific about WHO you are going to contact as an actor and why?

1. Who do you need to reach to accomplish your goal?

2. What’s unique about you?

3. How do you want to present yourself and your brand in a way that is authentic to who you are?

4. What social media platforms will you focus on?

( I advise choosing ONE , mastering that and THEN expanding. Break down the overwhelm)

5. What type of content will you be posting that best resonates with your brand?

Sharing can be tricky right?

To share or not to share?

Tip: Quality over quantity

Think about what you’re sending out there, who will be receiving it and how they will respond.

Ask yourself:

  1. Does this post add value to (Already very very busy) people’s lives?
  2. Is this information RELEVANT to my audience?
  3. Does it ADD to the quality of their lives?
  4. Is this image a high quality Image?
  5. Does it tell a good story?
  6. Is it ‘on-brand’?
  7. Does it reflect who I am and my branding clearly and simply.

 What should actors post on social media? With Heidi Dean...

FAQ's on Social Media For Actors

1. Do actors really need social media?

Yes. Think. Casting directors, directors, agents and producers are ALL online. Connecting with them politely and with a positive intention will serve you well. Spamming doesn't work  so please don't continually share posts about your latest show or TV project - it is experienced as shouting. Add real value to THEIR lives. Think connection. Build long term relationships. Many actors keep their social lives and their professional lives separate - and rightly so. I do.

2. What should I post as an actor?

High quality positive thoughtful and engaging posts beat average low energy posts every single day. Don't you agree? It’s way better to post one unique post that adds real value and energy to peoples lives than to use the scattergun approach of endless posting and posting and posting.... When you post thoughtfully and carefully you’ll get way more engagement.

What your followers want  is high quality content that shares a story and positively affects their lives. Don't add to the overwhelm and the noise online. Be the one who parts the waves.

3. Should I try and get lots of likes and followers?

High engagement and low follower numbers beats high follower numbers and low engagement. Every time. Here's a tip. Stop making it all about you think about them. What do THEY need? Make it ALWAYS about them. Whether it's to casting directors, directors, agents, actors...Make sure you like, comment, start conversations, discuss, share be real, and are consistently positive and friendly.  Then you'll grow both lanes of your business as an actor. You'll get engaged people who will spread the word about you.


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