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"They Laughed When I Said My Thinking... Got Me An Acting Job...

...But When I Sent Them A Selfie From My Trailer..."!

"...In the time that I worked with you Nick, I booked 4 jobs , paid off my London rent, and earned over £20k!!.."

Melissa Philips


Since the pandemic finished...sort of...Building an acting career has got even tougher!

Now you have to be posting 24/7 to get gigs, you gotta have a scroll stopping website, a sizzling showreel, nuclear headshots.  And you have to do it all by yourself.

It's hard enough to keep up, let alone get anyone to "NOTICE" you, let alone cast you. Especially casting directors  who never reply anyway, right?...

And if you're like most of my students...

...before they start working with me, you might feel a bit shattered by it all. Maybe you've started to think to yourself, how long can I keep this up with so little to show for it? 

Most Actors Think To Get Better Acting Work...

You gotta get get a better Agent, right?...

BUT the real culprit is living between your ears. It's your brain that trips you up the morning of "that audition"It's your thinking that makes you withdraw and act small. It's your thinking that makes you crash and burn in a self tape...

It's your thinking that stitches the words "fearand "self doubt " into the fabric of your life.

But it it NOT your fault!!!

There is a part of your brain scientists call the Amygdala that trips you up and drags you down. It's the part of you that gets triggered when you feel ignored by a casting director. Or when someone forgets to mention your new headshots. It's your current thinking that keeps you stuck! If you're not careful it can run the entire frickin' show!

It doesn't matter how great your agent is or how cool your showreel is if your mind is in shock your results will be shocking!

The truth is if you don't learn to handle your mindset it will upset you and eat you up. Worse : You run the risk of staying invisible. You'll pile frustration on top of despair. And stumble towards packing it all in.

But please...

If you’re like most human beings you learned to think this way because of the school you went to, the teacher who taught you or the parents who raised you, (all of which happened to me, btw!) and that's okay that's all you knew. Until now…!

OLIVER TWIST to Be Adapted as Modern-Day Procedural — Nerdist

With this “Oliver Twist Mindset” you're always playing it safe, playing it small. Everything feels like a big deal or a massive risk. You're tiptoeing round the edges of your dreams instead of diving in head first and going All-in - backing yourself to succeed, trusting yourself...
Your“Oliver Twist Mindset” creates a constant need for approval, a "beg" for reassurance. A desperate need for safety and security. These needs will poison your dreams and keep you trapped. Cowering in the corner of your cell...
Your“Oliver Twist Mindset” will leave you crushed and underpaid clutching your same mistakes over and over again…

So if your dream of becoming an A-List Actor seems unrealistic it's time to put that old “Oliver Twist Mindset” out to pasture or risk staying lashed to those old negative thinking patterns of yours.  But please don't be alarmed...

There IS a way out....


The Action Club 

The Action Club is not a conventional training course like others you may have tried, it's a multi-module revitalising process.❤️

It will transform you. Change you. Challenge you. MOOOOOOve you. From a struggling actor with an“Oliver Twist Mindset” Into a laser focussed professional with a passion...

Someone equipped with revolutionary high-level neurological  skills. Skills that will transform you into an A-List Actor. An Actor capable of attracting a lucrative high profile Acting career.

And it is so easy to do...

YOU can even take it with you on your phone!

It's just like having an Acting Coach In Your Pocket with our FREE APP ❤️

Inside The Action Club

You'll Discover:

  • The self sabotaging beliefs hiding in your blindspots. That clog you up. And drag you down. You will pin point them. And then release them....easily and effortlessly...🌟
  •  You'll find the clarity to focus on the right mental tasks to build your acting career. The way you want. Without wasting time on irrelevant non career boosting activities
  • You'll refresh what casting directors think they know about you. You'll give performances that will make excited in a way that makes you feel centred and proud! 😎
  • You'll get a raft of self tape gear guides. In-flight checklists and precision pilot manuals that will light up the runway for a long time to come. ✈️
  • You'll usher in magical mind-set methods to dissolve difficult emotional problems. You'll resolve them easily with a zing and a ding and a zap! 🥁
  • You'll let go of everything you think you know about building an acting career. Review it. Refine it. And then Polish it. 💎
  • You'll crush your fear of failure. 
  • Topple your fear of success.
  • And then you'll fly.
  • Like an Eagle.
  • Where the only way is...
  • Up 
  • 🦅

Now you may think that listening to a tape before an audition or a self tape is a bit "Weird"...or "woo wooh...!"

...and that is exactly what Katie Sheridan thought

...before she listened to Audition Accelerator (Which is yours for free when you become a member of T.A.C btw. :-) 

Katie made over £21,045.87 UKPounds after one listening. Who doesn't want that ?

As a Member of The Action Club

YOU'LL feel a growing sense of ease and satisfaction in your new capabilities. You'll double your mental toughness and treble your influence skills.

A sense of inner peace will finally appear. You'll stop fighting yourself and stop beating up on yourself... You'll become more and more in tune with yourself.

Acting will feel joyful once again, you'll feel like a 5 year old inside every time you go out to work!!

You can join The Action Club TODAY by clicking here

So how does The Action Club Work?

The Action Club is bite sized bullets of brain based brilliance.

These neuro-scientific bullets take no longer than 5-7 mins to digest. (You can eat at your own pace:-) There's no rush and no pressure... )

Each bullet opens another doorway. You walk upwards to your  own set of "unique" acting dreams.

Yes! THOSE ⚡️

You can join The Action Club TODAY by clicking here

Which of these Results Inspire You the Most?

"I met Nick at exactly the right time to take my work to the next level. When I started with Nick I felt rusty and I didn't really trust myself...after coaching with Nick I booked a role in an American feature film and three commercials!"

Hanni Heinrich
Actor - Berlin- Cape Town

..since then I've gotten a short film and a role in a feature...the coaching must work!

"...I had a coaching session with Nick a few weeks ago and I found it really really helpful. It just sort of re-calibrated me, reminded me that I actually enjoy my job and made me enjoy my self taping again and auditioning and stuff...

...and since then I've gotten a short film and a role in a feature... So that means, the coaching must work, it's also just really quick, and just like, straightforward, so if you're any having any trouble I would give it a go.

So thank you Nick"

Clare Dunne, Actor, Screenwriter, Herself, Playwright, Sure Lookit, F*ck it (This is popbaby)

Recently seen as star of hit RTE drama KIN

Clare Dunne : at the Award Ceremony for the European Shooting Stars 2022 as part of the 72nd Berlinale International Film Festival Berlin at Berlinale Palast in Berlin, Germany.

I have an offer from an agency on Warwick St, I'm booked in the new Nissan campaign, and I'm meeting Debbie McWilliams (James Bond Casting) for a series...

"I am in London working with James Nesbitt on Lucky Man for SKY Atlantic, I've an offer from an agency on Warwick St, I'm needed for the new Nissan campaign and I'm meeting Debbie McWilliams (James Bond Casting) for a series regular on a Cable TV show, and my bag is stuffed with call sheets, sides and highlighted scripts."

Lochlann O'Mearain, Ron Howards "Genius", Into The Badlands, Lucky Man (SKY), Vikings,
UPDATE : Sharon Horgan's Women On The Verge, Amy Hubermans' Finding Joy

You may think Success is for "Other people"

And that's what a lot of struggling actors think...

But that's NOT true, in fact it's Bullsh*t! EVERYone has a chance to succeed in this business - Everyone! - Your success is Inevitable!

The real question is why don't you believe it yet?

How much is it costing you to stumble about like Oliver Twist? Where will your career be a year from now if you're still glued to the conveyor belt? 5 Years from now? 

When you go through The Action Club you’ll have a complete blueprint for an acting career that stuns and delights you. One that pulls out your natural secrets and sets the industry on fire! 🎥 💥  🌟   🚀

"The Oliver Twist Mindset" Is A Way Of Thinking About Your Life And Career That Says YOU Lack Fire In Your Belly!

  • It says promising actors like you should stay stuck. You should make the same mistakes over and over again
  • It causes nothing but pain, frustration and heartache.
  • It's what keeps you chained to those brain numbing side hustles you despise just to pay the bills!!
  • It gives you endless sleepless nights. And on the morning of that "special self tape" (you know the one I mean...) it makes bags appear under your eyes .
  • You look in the mirror and you scream "what did you DO to me!??"
  • And then you start to lose hope! And I am NOT having that!!

LOOK : I've helped Hundreds of Actors Escape This Oliver Twist Mindset That's Plagued Them For Years!

And Now It's YOUR Turn!

 My High End Clients Pay Me Anywhere Between €1500 - 5,000.00 To Work One On One with me. My one on one coaching and group programmes cost thousands of Euros. I do not offer anything else this inexpensive. Chances are I never will again.

Over the past few years, and even before COVID, I saw so many actors struggling with LACK! Lack of confidence. Lack of strategies. Lack of skills.

Actors unable to handle the negativity inside their minds and in their lives...

It stops them dead in their tracks. The vibrant life they want never moves any closer. Their dreams stay stuck as an "Idea" - stuck in their head. Lacking oxygen. Lacking LIFE!

If you don't figure this out. You'll stay exactly where you are now.
You won't be able to take part in my one-on-one coaching. Which takes you to that powerful place inside where you scale your dreams to the next level and beyond.
The Action Club is a tiny investment in yourself. It will pay you back long into your future. It will pay you back for the rest of your frickin life!!!
That's why I want to make this training available to as many actors as possible. I want to help you finally break out ...

So tell me, are you in?

Yes Nick, I'm in!

Here's what you're going to get when you join The Action Club today!

The Action Club is the fastest way to kickstart an A-List Acting Career on the planet!

Module 1 : How To Plan Your Career Like An A-List Actor 

  • You'll set out your clarity plan so you can choose where you go and specifically HOW YOU get there.
  • You'll create precise action steps to manifest your radical dream life as an actor and then put them into practice with perfect precision.
  • You'll learn strategic picturing and sensory envisioning so you can step into the power of visualising your most compelling future right NOW!
  • You'll dive deep into radical goal setting techniques and learn cutting edge and ancient manifestation skills.

Module 2 : How To Fast Forward Toward Success

  • You will unlock the special powers of " The Triple Lock"
  • You will quickly discover this hardly known secret so you can focus your brain and your body like a laser so you can finally stop procrastinating. 
  • You'll be let in on The LeapFrog Method. The quickest and surefire route to Hollywood on the planet these days. Bar none.
  • You will KNOW how to get there in One Smart move WITHOUT spending any money whatsoever!

Module 3 : How To Dissolve Negative Thoughts. For Ever.

  • The sneaky way to reframe anything NEGATIVE to your immediate POSITIVE advantage
  • Including self doubt, self sabotage, impostor syndrome and that old actor favourite "compare and despair".
  • A beautiful method to align your conscious mind with your unconscious mind by enrolling your "dark and shadowy" side as your ultimate cheerleader
  • You'll start to create your own balanced and harmonious personal performers"Bliss"

Module 4 :  How To Make Casting Directors Beg To Call YOU in AND call You Back

  • You'll quickly discover how to Involve, Inspire and Invite Casting Directors into your world so they come to you like bees to honey 🐝  🍯
  • And you'll manage it quickly and simply with Zero pushiness, nothing manipulative.
  • Plus NO MORE "Oliver Twisty" neediness. EVER!! Imagine that?!! I Know ha ha x
  • You'll send subtle signals to casting directors every time you meet them so they automatically remember your face, recall your name and maybe even your spotlight page number!

Module 5 :   Your High Performance Mindset. 100% Possible. 100% Of The Time

  • Step into The A-list elevator and escalate yourself up to a whole new level of feeling.
  • You will experience life at the higher plane faster than you ever thought possible
  • After a dip into the Charisma Cascade you will feel so refreshed as if you have belonged here all your life . 
  • You'll feel even better when you become a member and enrol inside The Action Club today.

For a real life peek inside The Action Club check out the video at the bottom of the page...:-)

Enroll in The Action Club Today

Your Investment is just €50.00 €25.00 per month! SAVE 15% when you upgrade to Annual!

Join The Action Club Today
UPgrade to Annual and SAVE 15%

For questions or help with anything contact customer care at [email protected]

I Have Some Extra "Badass Goodies" For You

That will transform the way you approach your life, your career and "The Business"...

But that's only the beginning!  

When you join The Action Club today you get 4 MASSIVE Bonuses to make your progress even quicker. Your success even faster and tools that simplify everything you do! Easy peasy Lemon Squeazy...🍋

Starting with..

BONUS #2  From Nervous To Confident In Seconds (€197.00 Value)

Pop on your headphones and listen. That's it. Your ideal performance state in minutes not months. 

Create a powerful, persuasive, performance that delivers. Your secret weapon!

Bonus #3 21 Steps To Raise Your Profile As An Actor (€197.00 Value)

Talk about Plug and Play - with the emphasis on "Play!" 

Transform your "Visibility" in the industry and step up to the big table. Glide across the room. Greet the top casting directors and agents in the world. Smile because they know and recognise YOU!

BONUS # 4  The Accelerated Learning Q and A Bundle (€Priceless)

MONTHLY Q and A with Nick

We go live on Zoom and you get to ask all the questions buzzing around your brain, about the programme, about the business and about your life and career as an actor!

You'll also get the added bonus of Social Learning from other actors who are at different stages of development by actively asking questions and having them answered in new ways and in different modalities (Perfect if you have a preference for Visual, Auditory or Feeling based language)

Inspirational Coaching Calls

Powerful Methods To Maximise the Materials That Matter with extra golden tips and insight from Nick

Members Only Private  Facebook Group

We know you sometimes spend most of your days alone so this group is safe and warm and welcoming and supportive.

Leading Lights - Guests That Guide

Invited guests and specialist speakers from all areas of the industry on video in conversation with Nick including casting directors, directors, agents and actors...

Examples include:

Katherine Beck - The American Accent Masterclass For Professional Actors

Every actor needs to master this vital skill - learn from the Number 1 Expert on The planet.

Katherine Beck - EM Voices

Katie Sheridan : How To Write and Create a Web Series
Katie Wrote Starred in and Produces Match Not Found
At present her series has 5 m Views and Counting

Katie has been earning extra income as a You Tube Sponsor

Katie Sheridan's Biography - Wall Of Celebrities


Ali Coffey - Casting Director

Learn from the best

Jane McGrath

Game Of Thrones, Moonstone, Red Rock, Disney and Dyslexia

So NOW is the time to make one of two choices

To DO or NOT to DO?

The "Blue Pill/ Red Pill" Scene and What It Means


The first choice is to do nothing. if you choose nothing. Nothing changes.
BUT if you already know you are stepping out of your old "Oliver Twisty Mindset" . Stepping into your new A-List Actor Mindset. Your choice is clear.
Come and join us inside The Action Club. Start your transformation. Become the A-List Actor you already are. Right Now.
Click the button below. I'll be waiting on the inside. Ready to help you all the way.
Yes Nick, I'm in!

LOOK : The Cold Hard TRUTH Is

If You don't NAIL your Mindset you'll Remain Unheard and Unknown

And Unheard and UNKNOWN means you'll stay broke and miserable!

Show me ONE A-List Actor you look up to who isn't known for something specific only they can do? 
You CAN'T!
That's because they know what you may not have realised until now.
When casting directors cast, they seek out the SPECIALIST, they never look for dead beat, tired and worn out Oliver Twisty actors...do they?
If you feel the nudge inside to become an In-Demand A-list Actor, who commands high respect, high self esteem and enjoys deep satisfaction and enjoyment every single day AND gets well paid for doing the thing they LOOOOVVVEEEE doing....
That means YOU have what it takes to step into that role of BEING your very BEST right now!

I helped hundreds of Actors amplify their gifts and skills last year, NOW I want to help YOU!

Enroll in The Action Club Today

Your Investment is just €50.00 €25.00 per month! SAVE 15% when you upgrade to Annual!

Join The Action Club Today
UPgrade to Annual

For questions or help with anything contact customer care at [email protected]

I've Got A ROCK Solid 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee

The Action Club is 100% Risk FREE

If you get in the programme and decide it's not for you, I want you to ask for your money back!

No jumping through hoops. No explanation Required. No "Awkwardness".

Send me an email within 30 days by clicking the link below for a full refund.

[email protected]

And because I actually give a F.A.Q.!

Your most popular questions answered

Below are some of the most common questions that I get. But if what you need to know isn't listed here then simply...

Contact my customer support team at [email protected]

Great Question!

The Action Club was specifically created with actors who have a passion for acting and an obsession for "the business" in mind.

  1. Mindset is the most important skill. When you develop a positive expectation. Your results follow.
  2. Focus on needle moving activities. Plan tasks that actually work for you and DO them. ha ha ha... Constantly. With humour. And have fun!

We ALL start out as a blank page :-)

If you are just starting out as an actor as a member of The Action Club you will be developing the skills on a daily weekly and monthly basis that will help you leapfrog those actors who choose to do nothing. So yes it is a good fit.

And you are ALWAYS protected by my 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, right?

The Action Club materials are released regularly and it will always be there for you as long as you remain a member, so you can choose to go at your own pace so you can you learn your new skills quickly and easily


I'm sure you already know that confidence in yourself and your self belief will make an enormous difference to your mindset and when you feel more confident inside your visibility and desire for change will continue to grow so you will become more visible on the outside and grow quicker than you ever thought possible

It's a Full 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

What this means is you can test out the whole kit and caboodle for 30 days, check it all out, test it, listen to audios, read the booklets, watch the videos, download a few videos, really get involved and if it's not for you within 30 days just drop me a line and I'll give you all your money back.

Instantly. No Fuss. NO HASSLE. Nada.

All you need to access this material easily is an Internet connection. That's it :-)

It is so simple, and you can watch listen and read everything on your phone laptop or desktop and tablet.

It really is that easy😎

You will begin work immediately on your transformation into an A-list Actor with a high profile career in the industry when you enroll in The Action Club today.

There are warm welcoming videos to get you started and you can contact me about anything you need 😎

Oh goodness me yes!

You can contact me via email Facebook, Messenger Instagram Twitter anything you like really… Ha ha ha X

One of the biggest needle movers in The Action Club is the speed of my response. It means you can get an honest answer almost instantly to your most pressing question.

For example once had an actor who texted me half an hour before A very important audition as she was in a right state to be honest… I just directed her towards Audition Accelerator. She popped into a cafe, listened to it head and went in and nailed the interview.

She is now represented by one of the top agents in the UK.

How cool is that?

So yes!

You can easily get in touch by clicking here

Video Walkthrough of The Action Club

Let me show you what else is inside T.A.C. when you become a member...


Come and join us today!

Join the club No thanks, I've got enough acting work

Enroll in The Action Club Today

Your Investment is just €50.00 €25.00 per month! SAVE 15% when you upgrade to Annual!

Join The Action Club Today
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For questions or help with anything contact customer care at [email protected]


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